Being a Teacher isn't Easy

I work with teachers but I'm not a teacher. I actually work in the admin department and I like my job though sometimes it can be challenging especially when I feel swarmed by it. Or when my boss keeps calling me for work related stuffs especially when she is doing the approval for payment or vetting through. So, the headache.

Anyway, I can honestly say most teachers are really nice though some are really driving me up the wall. That or they are just simply aint nice but then, it is also because of their personality. But as teachers, they are really dedicated. I also deal with parents and honestly, they can be demanding and very irritating and they are not scared of the higher authority in school. To them, they are being like that all because they care for their children but they are overbearing as if they don't let their children make mistakes and learn. Plus, whatever their children said, they believe every bit of their story though they are not there to see for themselves and even if their children can be partly at fault. Too much protection over your children won't help. Let them learn to be more independent.

Honestly, I don't know what will happen to the future generation. They can be intelligent due to the amount of enrichment classes and tuition classes but they can also end up having very low EQ and very little respect for other people. I can safely say the future generation is pretty much screwed. Harsh, but true.

So while I did aspire to become a teacher when I was younger, now I don't. I don't think I can handle this generation of children. That said, most, yes most, of the parents are nice, many of the children are honest and good so ok, there is still some hope.

I hope schools are also doing their best to instil discipline into children and continue to impart good values. Parents, as loving as they can be, may step over the line. I can only say, good job to the teachers and though there is a high turnover rate of teachers leaving, it shouldn't be a discouraging sign. Treat it as a challenge, rise above it and your students and the parents, will thank you for it.
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