Beauty 101: Wet N Wild Palettes (Vanity)

Hold on to your horses peeps because I am doing a marathon blog post writing...ha! To basically occupy my time because I feel like I owe you valuable things to read. 

If you are on a tight budget but want to get a make up palette with such intense colours, I recommend you the drugstore make up product from Wet N Wild which is not found in Singapore but if you know your way around beauty blogs, you can actually find out where to get them. And in Sing dollars, it's not that expensive. I bought mine at $12.00. I know that I told myself NOT to spend on make up anymore and to try to take part in contest for a chance to win some make up products but alas, so not working.

Plus, it's only $12. 

Anyway, if you live in Singapore, I can suggest two reliable blogs that source for their products and sell it to you. In the US, they are selling around $4.00 to $5.00 so over there, it's simply one of the best drugstore make up products.

I got mine in Vanity.

I like the fact that three of the shades are matte and the other three have shimmer. You can create smoky eyes with them and if you are one who is into every day make up, this is a good choice. It can also take you from day to night if you add a bit of shimmer. So it is that flexible. 

You can read more about this product on this blog and also to see the picture in better quality.

Bebe Beauty blog

There are more shades available and they also have palettes that have eight pans in them which to me is a good value for money. But I'm not looking for their shades. In future, honestly, I don't think I need anymore of them not coz I don't think they're nice but it's more like I don't really need more of them. I'm thinking of getting those coloured felt tip pens or liners. Easier to apply for noobs like me..haha.

Where to get them??

Cherub's Lips


I know how some of you girls are really tight on your money but to me, it is absolutely no harm in making yourself look more beautiful with the help of a bit of make up. Look out for discounts and also do your research online or do the swatches first with the trial versions and save up for them, like how I did. And don't buy too many at one go coz you will end up not using all of them and it will be such a waste darlz.

If you like colours, go for the bolder colours like pink and purple or even yellow. Want more subtle colours? You can get those matte shades in brownish tones. If you ask me, no harm trying to add colours to your make up especially if you are going out somewhere and you have made an effort to dress up. You can always try to neutralize the bold colours with shades like black or brown. The key is in the blending with the right tools. I assure you, with practice, you can apply makeup like a pro.

Good luck!

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