Start of the Holy Month

I am currently nursing a bloated stomach because I didn't eat the whole day due to fasting and then ate quite a fair bit at dinner time. It is a normal affair for me in this month but after awhile, will get so used to it. But whatever it is, bless this holy month for all muslims around the world.

The thing about fasting is that you actually don't feel as hungry or peckish as when before the fasting month. Well I don't about the rest but I certainly don't though I admit it took me a long while before I am used to it. I just come to the conclusion that come break fast time, I will be able to eat and drink anyway and it is not as if I have to fast right until night time. I just have to also preoccupy my time wisely so that I don't have to think about hunger and thirst. If I'm not working, I will usually take a nap but then it is not really encouraged for us to take long naps because it is not as if you are going to die. You are merely fasting and life goes on as per normal though strenuous activities may have to be reduced or put on hold.

For me, I have to do away with my weekly gym time for now. Of course that is such a shiok-a-licious time for me as I don't have to be physically and mentally tortured..heh. Fine I sound rather dramatic but honestly it is, for someone who hates exercising despite years of doing it.

I still continue with my long walks after work just to maintain my physical well being especially after spending time sitting down at work. Problem is, it is also the start of hungry ghost festival so there are incense paper and joss sticks burning so maybe I have to avoid walking for awhile coz the walkways will be covered by burnt paper money. I see how it goes.

For those muslim girls who are struggling to lose weight all this time, take this opportunity to start doing that by watching what you eat especially during break fast. There is a tendency for us to overeat to so called compensate us not eating from dawn till dusk. So go easy and watch out for your portion of food.

I started losing weight after fasting month and kept most of them off. Every year I use this time to lose the number of kilos that I have gained slowly post fasting period and are unable to get rid of. Basically after that I try my best to maintain the weight loss.

During this month too, we are encouraged to do more good deeds as it is the holy month after all. We must be blessed and think about the poor people who may not even have enough food during break fast or for the pre dawn meal. It is easy to forget and lose our momentum in life as we all become too selfish for our own good. Let this be the time to change for the better.

I don't have the habit of waking up to a pre-dawn meal though I know I should. Normally I will just eat a little bit more during break fast which honestly, will be a bit of a struggle for me because nowadays I can't eat much rice or noodles. I will feel so overwhelmed. But no choice lah. Just have to eat so that I don't feel so hungry the next day during fasting.

So how have you all been during the fasting month? If you ever struggle, think about how blessed you are to be able to fast. They say that you will score extra brownie points when you do good deeds during this holy month. But if you are sick, you may have to monitor your conditions closely and don't fast if you have to, especially when you have to consume medicine to get better. Your health is also important.

Okay folks!! Have a blessed fasting month!!!

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