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I enjoy reading people's blogs. I really do. One day I wish I have many visitors like them like seriously a LOT of visitors. But then, I don't want to write promotional stuffs. Most of them started writing about stuffs in their lives but once they have a made a name for themselves, they use their blogs as a platform to do adverts and other promotional stuffs. While I think this is a very business savvy move, it will not happen here. If I do any promotional stuffs, like reviews, it's on my own accord, nothing else. 

Anyway, let's do a fun post, considering how down in the dumps I have been feeling. One thing for sure, I can breathe just a teensy eensy bit right now. I suffered THE GREAT MIGRAINE earlier this week and still am suffering it every now and then though it has been diminishing and it has put a damper in my life. I tend to get headaches when I'm too stressed out. I don't know. But I am happy that in a sense during my down moments, I received some help without any hesitation. I am really thankful for such help. I really am. 

It feels like I have been given a fresh start. Anyway, as for now, I am still hoping I will get early pay from next month just to tide me over during the festive month which is Hari Raya. Of course, like I said, I won't spend it all. I just want to have something to hold on to. 

So what is this fun post al about, you know how they have been doing this tag posts on facebook and you tube, let's do it on a blog instead! Of course nobody had tagged before. Okay I got it before but never really went for it. So I'll just offer you some snippets of my life through this post! I know I've got some readers out there who acknowledge that our lives may be different though at some aspects, they identify themselves in me. I am touched by it. 

I treat it as a form of encouragement for me to write even better stuffs, like those I read up, while sharing stories from my own life, as a form of documentation of my ups and downs.

So here goes!!

What do I like to do during my free time?

I basically am addicted to the you tube. While internet is a great discovery, I find you tube an even BIGGER discovery. I actually watch a lot of indie films, short films, snippets from dramas and even make up tutorials. i don't even remember the last movie I ever watch. I am not a fan of mainstream movies but I like those obscur movies, as long as it has a nice storyline, and a happy ending..haha. 

Oh, I like to read magazines. Most of the time, I just borrow from the library and read articles, rather than read about the fashion stuffs. I enjoy reading the beauty stuffs though, especially on things for people on a tight budget like me.

I also like to do crafts like making accessories. I dream of opening an online shop selling handmade accessories which I also hope to sell internationally. Let's see, k? :)

At times, I do meet up with my close friends. I don't really like have many friends coz I'm not some social butterfly. But I realize that whenever I meet new people, I find that at first they find me shy but after that, they kinda want me to be around with them and enjoy talking to me coz I actually laugh easily. I don't really choose who I mix around with as long as they want to be around them, haha.

What beauty stuffs do I own?

I am  proud of my make up stuffs though they're not many coz I don't believe in having an abundance of them especially if they look as though they have pretty much the same colours, haha. I don't have any interest in a particular brand though I do like Sleek make up  palettes and hope to own one more of their palette.

How do I describe my personality?

I would say that well, Im pretty much reserved and an introvert and take awhile before opening up to people. Hence why I prefer writing here than talking. I learn that not everyone is open to listening even they are close friends with you. This can be quite a turn off but then I also realize that once they get to know me, they are really caring towards me and enjoy talking to me especially since I don't have any air around me like as if they ain't good enough for me. They can also joke along with me without me being offended.  

I am a pretty open minded person, though it's hard to tell if you don't know me. I know a lot of self declared open minded people but they can be so annoyingly irritating in the sense that they are actually narrow minded and simply breed hatred. 

I don't judge people easily as I believe everyone is different and not perfect. So they may have quirks. As long as they are not overpowering, I believe I can basically still mix around with them as long as they're nice to people and not just being so mean to others, coz that's just not right.

What are my favourite food?

I don't have any in particular but I do enjoy eating international food like japanese, western and korean food. It's just something different. I love chocolates, though.

So that is just a small aspect of my life which I'm sharing with you. Of course words can't describe much my kind of personality though in short, I'm a pretty easy going person with a bit sense of humour and I just love to smile and laugh when I'm around people. It's not me being uncomfortable but just happy to be around them, I guess.

Do leave me your blog addresses as I would like to visit them too!

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