Celebrating A Friend's Birthday

This isn't a good time but I'm not going to cloud my blog with bad vibes all the time..haha. It has been awhile since I last wrote something constructive that I can share with all of you peeps rather than just depressing posts. Recently, I went out with a friend of mine and I think we have been friends since like forever..but then we just plan to keep it that way. To me, it is always good to maintain good relationship with your friends especially those that you are close with because friends are important and they can actually keep you grounded. Provided, they are good to you. Those that bring nothing but trouble, please step away from them.

Anyway, I gave her a present which is actually a top from Cotton On. Now I'm not the best giver of gifts because I'm constantly on tight budget. But you know, I do make the effort. Sometimes, people can be fussy then I can't stop them from being so. For myself, I appreciate any gifts (really..) because I don't expect people to completely know me well enough to give me something I truly truly like except when I drop not so subtle hints..heh.

I don't know whether she likes my gift but sometimes facial expressions tell it all. Share some pics with ya ;)

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