Out Window Shopping for New Clothes

I went to Bugis Street just now because my mum wanted me to buy food from somewhere nearby. I thought I would pop by to look at the clothes and uhm, well I can't say there wasn't much variety but there were! Unfortunately, not for people of my size or my taste even. Anyway, I did come across a nice floral blouse that is selling for only $15 but I think that it is more appropriate for going with friends, rather than to work. I thought of buying it but my main focus was to get a new blouse for my upcoming presidential elections duty next Saturday. Yes my mother made me buy yet another new outfit...sigh. Like who is seriously going to see me do the duty? 

Anyway, it's really difficult for me to shop for clothes because my clothing style is really really simple and I hate gawdy designs, which is actually a majority of clothes nowadays. I just think that nowadays, they just follow the trends blindly and they're not really wearable for every day use. And when the designs are plain and simple, they are seriously plain and simple like as if they're trying to say, you want plain and simple? I GIVE YOU PLAIN AND SIMPLE. What the heck. They're not even putting in a bit of effort.

Then I went to BHG over at Bugis Junction and okay, some of the clothes are on sale actually. I saw one which was reasonably priced at $19.90 though I think with a design like that, I would say that if it had cost $16.00, I would have bought it anyway without any hesitation. Yes, I is crazy for discounts like that. Like come on, it has to match with the price, right? 

After that, I went to the Geylang bazaar and I saw this rather flowy top in blue colour that costs $10. Quite a steal, considering that it isn't that small and I figured I could fit into it. However, I only have one skirt to match with that. It's a pretty long top so it's either good with shorts, like so many girls are wearing nowadays, or jeans. But not really those knee length skirts, unless you're talking mini.

So that is basically my adventure for today. Bugis Street is seriously crowded, my friends. I didn't believe I actually went in 3 times!!! I was so adamant in finding a cheap blouse but I just could not. I still think about that floral blouse though. Hrm, lucky it's not situated so far in but quite near the entrance so it wouldn't be so bad for me to go in and find it, should I think I need to get it.

Oh, yesterday I was at Toa Payoh and I came across this shop where all the clothes were in plastic bags like after they were dry cleaned and no trying was allowed. How strange. I saw the shop owner at the back of the shop, steaming the clothes like drycleaning before putting it into a clear plastic bag. I mean seriously, if you put in so much effort to 'preserve' those clothes, people like me wouldn't even bother  looking. Really.

I did mention to you about how I love cardigans coz they're easy to put on especially over a shirt and add some jazz to it especially when you are trying to mix and match. I came across some selling as cheap as $9.90 at Toa Payoh central. Nice..even cheaper than the ones selling at Bugis Street, by $0.10. Heh, still save money what. 

The blouses that I came across today, all of them cost less than $20. I thought that is quite a steal. But at the moment, am not getting though I got a feeling I have to coz my mum has been asking me to get one for the PE. Sigh. How can I? Like I said before, I don't like to look for clothes. Sometimes I just happen to stumble onto something I like and just get it, provided I have the budget for it. I find that when I go out to find me some new clothes, I just can't find one that I like. Seriously.

Oh well. I hope I get the good news soon that I will be getting my September pay way earlier than the actual pay day due to the Hari Raya. I really need some money. If I could get my hands with at least with one decent blouse, I'm good to go. Sometimes I wonder how people can do haul videos so easily? They really have an eye to spot nice designs out there! I think I shop with my eyes closed, hahah.

Meanwhile, I will just keep going. If really can't find, then I have to get that purple top from BHG. Yes, the plain and simple one. At least it's more work appropriate. But I must counteract the plainness of it with the floral blouse form Bugis Street, hehe. At least, not so plain after all.

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