Beauty 101: Taking Care of Your Neck As A Beauty Regime

Let me begin with a back story. I used to be one of those people who couldn't care less about her beauty regime despite repeatedly being told that it is essential. Although now I have put into practice moisturising my skin, face and body, to me they don't come naturally. But whatever the excuse, it has to be done. When you learn to program that in your head, it will come naturally. But forgive my brain, it doesn't work so well.

Anyway, I thank God for finally kicking senses into myself, probably after being influenced by the people around me. I know I can never match up to them in terms of their beauty product knowledge but to me, practicing is more important.

While the face may appear younger making people to happily think that you are younger, the neck can be a dead giveaway. Why is that? Very often, people may slather moisturizer and toner on the face but they can skip the neck thinking that it is alright to leave it. Not true. When you cleanse and moisturise your face, don't forget to extend it to your neck. Most of the products are mostly for the face and body so it is easy to forget. But the neck can age easily. Apart from that, it can also be prone to black marks, warts and sagging skin. So not the pretty.

When you apply moisturizer to your neck after the cleanser & toner (bearing in mind, this is the most basic skincare routine), stroke your hands upwards. This is also a good way to massage your neck which helps to reduce the chances of getting sagging skin in the near future. This technique of massaging may also help to slim down your neck to avoid getting a double chin when you do it regularly.

What kind of moisturizer is good? Well, it depends on your skin type. But to me, it is good to use an anti-aging cream because after all, it is prevention of sagging skin due to the loss of elasticity of your skin when you get older. It is also best to get one that is oil-free.

Don't wait until tomorrow to start taking good care of your skin. Do it now. Or at least when you are off to bed soon after reading my blog at night, heh. You will thank me later.

My neck isn't perfect. It has its fair share of damage done to it especially back then, it used to be seriously red and another time, there was this long line of rashes. It was so bad.

But it wasn't too late for me to redeem myself though yes I sheepishly admit I have my moments of laziness. I'm trying to make it a habit.

Start the routine now, babes, or risk getting called older than your actual age.
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