Life 101: Enjoying Life's Simple Pleasures

I know my last post sounds rather morbid. Thinking about it, I'm not sure whether it is my moody TOTM speaking or just my welled up general unhappiness in life. Honestly, there are times, which I am sure you experience as well, when you just feel so down in the dumps especially when life isn't treating you well.

There are a lot of people who don't give up and rise above the rest. They work very hard despite people telling them they can't do it.

But chin up, people. It is not the end of the world. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Or in plain Rahayupopz context, chin up people! You just have to deal with whatever gets thrown your way and make things better, not for the worse. If they don't get better, at least you have tried and made the situation more bearable, and just hope and pray things will get better.

Based on experience, sometimes life throws you a curveball. Not everything is going to be hunky dory.

Therefore, when things aren't feeling so bad, enjoy those moments. They can be simple like watching youtube snippets of The Big Bang Theory. Trust me, those nerds can be annoying with their nerd speak but at the same time so funny. Who knew they can crack jokes? And sometimes, they don't even know it..haha.

Okay, apart from that promotion and obviously I'm not affiliated with that show, do things that you enjoy. I'm sure there are. Friends on facebook recently took the stress out of their working life by going for a quick jog before heading home, going for nice dinner with close friends and me? At times, I enjoy reading magazines like CLEO or just grabbing any random magazines at the library and sitting down to read certain articles. Simple pleasures.

Food wise? Despite my idiosyncrasies with food, I do enjoy food in general. Like who doesn't enjoy ice cream? Though I hardly eat ice cream, it is those times that I do get to eat, that gives me the satisfaction I need.

I sincerely enjoy such moments which allow me to escape from the harshness of reality and just relax my mind. I tell myself that there are others who are worse off than me, though sometimes I feel that I'm not better off. When I see some of them on tv, they look well dressed and really take care of their physical appearance with their shiny long dyed hair and pretty make up, I'm thinking, eurgh..I can't even afford a nice blouse every month.

Anyway in general, there are those who are seriously in dire of financial help, with no house to call their own but a small rented place with just a room, and who struggle with escalating bills and household expenses just like me. I have money coming in every month. They don't even know if they stay long in their job. They are also not healthy enough to get a new job should they lose their current job.

I think besides enjoying in the simple pleasures of life, we should also learn to be humble and grateful for whatever we have. As long as we have the mental and physical abilities to do the right things and make things better, then we should focus on that.

There is more to life, if only we allow ourselves to learn to let go of the negative feelings and focus on the positive side of things. It is not going to be an easy journey. But at least we know that we are on it and that we are determined to give it a happy ending. Just like how I like it when the dramas or storylines I watch have a happy ending to them.
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