No Fashionista But Can Still Work an Outfit

I've mentioned before that I am in the plus size range and I have always been in this range, though the sizes varies, haha. I have gone up to size 20 before and at one point of time, I actually worried because that was the biggest size, at least in Singapore :S Anyway, thankfully I went on a strict diet (remember, that no coconut milk diet?! *weird*) and exercised vigorously at one point of time, I went down a few sizes. But still, I have always feared going into clothing shop and the people trailing so I normally go to those that don't have such creepy salespeople. 

So I declare myself a non-fashionista. I don't follow fashion BUT I do observe what people wear in general and then when I like something, I get fixated about it, gosh, I wanna get the same one! Basically, I go through fashion phases and these phases can last a long long time, haha. Anyway, I like to mix and match. I like colours and I dislike brown though occasionally I do buy brown outfits, hrm.

I am very particular about what I wear because I don't earn much so I try to buy clothes that I would wear for a long time or at least be mixed and match with other existing pieces of clothing in the wardrobe. 

Some of the places I buy my clothes from are Forever 21 when on sales, Mango during sales though sometimes they're not really that fantastic, Cotton On and that sounds very little but yeah, coz I don't really explore around. Sometimes I do find good buys like those bin sales selling tops for as low as $10. I think I mostly go for the latter, haha. I'm such a cheapskate.

Anyway, I always believe that you don't find the clothes, the clothes will find you. What you expect, coming from a cheapskate. So I don't really actively go out on a shopping spree and buy buy buy. I basically just sometimes look see only and then, I can chance upon something that I may like and would wear and then work out my budget and see like oh, I can get it since I can afford it.

 So, something like that. Anyway, here's some pics taken this year which may interest you and give a you a hint on what kind of clothes I like to wear and perhaps, you can find some inspiration? Doubt so but heck, here goes!

Dubbed the superman outfit. Nevertheless, a combi not to worn ever, haha.
I like cropped cardigans over a shirt.
My fav black top which I wear when I'm not out with friends. Got some slimming effect, hehe.
I got this from F21. I like it coz I don't have to wear inner tubing. Just wear it over & go. With pants or skirt of coz.
The top was on sales. Best to be worn with pants. Worn with skirt, makes my tummy looks fatter.
From Cotton on, I got it at $15 and I like it coz makes me slimmer, haha.
From Fox, bought ages ago. On bad days, it can me fatter looking but oh well. I like the colour.
Not a fan of jeans but anyway, I like this cropped yellow cardigan bought from Bugis market for $10.
At this point of time, I'm not looking for new clothes coz I'm on a tight budget but knowing me, I will probably get something small coz I believe that even if you are broke or don't earn that much, you can still find something flattering on you yet affordable.

So for those plus size girls, I believe that you shouldn't feel left out. You should feel proud of your body whether you are a size 16 or a size 10 or even a size 20, like me once upon a time. Don't compare yourself to others and then wish that if you were as slim as that girl, you can wear ANYTHING. Trust me babes, not all outfits fit skinny girls but fit full figured girls like us.

All you need to know that if the outfit makes you look good, then stick to that. Don't look into the mirror after you do the comparison with other girls and then you declare, oh I look fat. It happen to me. Realize that you should be proud of what you wear and that it makes YOU LOOK GOOD. That is more important.

From the pics, you may think that I am of 'average size'. Actually I'm not. But you know how pictures can lie, haha. Sometimes, it's just the angle. 

I don't wear those tops with mini cap sleeves nor do I wear sleeveless. I just think that my arms don't fit that. At first, I had difficulties just trying to get a normal top over my chubby arms and then my thick waist :S so I used to wear those very big tops with slits at the side so that I can fit over them. That is why nowadays whenever I can fit something, inside of me will shout 'yes!!' coz I feel proud that they could fit though in recent times, bigger size clothes are easier to find than during my times. Gosh I feel old. 

Okay, one last outfit.

I like this stripped black and white top. And ahem, that robot guy, heh.
I admit that occasionally I like wearing tops that have about 5% of lycra IF I don't feel so bloated which is like 95% of the time. Why? Coz it has the ability to suck it all in, hahaha! As if. Sometimes, my mind is psychoed into thinking I look slimmer but in actual fact I don't. I just like it, don't ask why!

Okay when I go to work, I am mostly in skirts. When I go out with my brother or myself, I wear denim skirts and just a simple t shirt. With friends, depending on the occasion, I may dress up a little but mostly mix and match.

Oh, accessories? I used to love bracelets but nowadays, I luv drop down earrings or any fancy earrings long earrings from F21, since they are mostly less than $10 and they have nice designs sometimes.

What do you like to wear?

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