Wednesday, October 29, 2008

True Relationship

Im in the middle of watching an Israeli soap drama. There is like about 5 or 6 clips of them but I shall take my time watching them. Basically it's about a couple whose relationship is pretty new but sadly, ended quite fast too because one of them has problems being caught seen together with the other one. He's having a problem with self acceptance and is not outright confident as his significant other. Like for example, your guy or girl prefers to just stay home and spend time together, but you prefer to go out and have some fun with your other friends together with him or her.

Still, if you're meant for each other...well....fate will somehow put the two of you together. Really, a relationship is not a true relationship without some friction here and there but it's just how you try to work things out and see where the both of you is willing to meet. I dont know if I have mentioned this before but I was reading this short article about this guy who is a very popular sports web editor and founder but his significant other is so not into sports and would rather window shop which he cant actually see the benefit out of it..(how dare he..there's lots of benefits!!). But he doesnt mind because you know why? His partner doesnt forbide him from going out to watch some sporting events even if it meant a few days or longer than that like if he has to do a story on them.

Isnt that sweet? For myself, I am not that heavy into sports and my knowledge on soccer is zero and soccer is like the most well loved sports of all around the world. Even the World Cup creates a bigger buzz than the Olympics. But hey, if the guy I like is into soccer, I wouldnt rule him out although it will bug me if he insist on bringing me to every single freaking soccer game where my inner dumb blonde will definitely take centrestage. At the same time, I wont be so paranoid by calling him up every now and then to make sure that he is at a soccer game...and not into some other games, if you know what i mean.

Give each other space and I am sure he will appreciate you for it. So for the Israeli couple on the soap drama, even though I just started watching the clips, I do hope for a happy ending for the couple like some reconciliation or something. But from the title of the drama, it's pretty obvious they'll end up together (alamak! why kill the suspense?!) although it should be pretty interesting how they work things out.

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