Monday, October 27, 2008

Hot Quest

It's interesting how a few choice of words can turn a person's life around even if it means a minor change in his or her life. It can make you stop for awhile and think about what you have done or what you have missed out. A very refreshing feeling because sometimes, life comes with its own surprises but it all depends on whether you want to grab it or you want to let go of it.

I mean, really, if you're the type who cant stand telling people who tell you what to do, or give you some piece of well meaning advice, hey maybe you can just try to just stop and listen for once. Of course, you are at liberty to be selective of what you hear but to me, it wouldnt hurt to just..well...listen. Who knows if it can turn your life around a bit.

Speaking of change, I have been trying to make my pretty long hair falls down in cascades of curls and even though it kinda worked a bit at first, only to have them become flat later. Pfft...but just now, I was at an open house of an ex colleague and I saw another of my ex colleague's hair and I asked how she did it. She said that she twisted her hair in segments after putting on some cream. Im like..oh..thats it? And there I was trying to curl it using the hot iron curler. Anyway, I was almost there except that I didnt use the hair cream party coz I was not planning to wash my hair the next day. Before you brand me a dirty girl (no not in that sense...) I do wash my hair but I dislike washing my hair everyday. I kinda like the feeling of a day's old hair because the oil makes it less 'fly away' and gives my hair a bit more volume.

But anyway, when I went home, I tried to 'experiment' a bit and used hair wax which I didnt use for yonks more thing, I also dislike putting such things on my hair. Only when I go out, and actually have some spare time, I will put some kinda hair oil or something to make it a bit more manageable. Although I must say that I only got round to it recently also..heh. I got crazy hair...what to do. Back to the experiment, I used the wax and twirled my hair, and what d'ya know? It worked a bit as it sorta made my hair looked more wavy.

Well, at least something and also, the curls last longer coz of the hair wax so Im thinking, maybe next time, I would do a combi of both. I will segment through my hair and slather on a bit of hair wax and then iron curl it. So..voila!

Oh, and I also learnt that uhm, if you're aiming for a smoky eyes effect, try not to highlight the rest of your eyes (your eye sockets) with a bright highlighter eye shadow. They will look like a bad piece of children's artwork. I did that and the highlighter made my eyes looked like they were permanently surprised. So I rectified it..later...yes, it took me a couple more looks at the mirror to catch that mistake, with a darker coloured eyeshadow so my eyes looked better.

But hey, it's all in the learning process. I do not have make up skills but at least, I am not so colour blind or fashion impaired. Ok so I tend to be more on the safe side but like what they say, better safe than sorry! Some people just follow the trends blindly that the whole outfit that they put on look so wrong. A pair of brown mid calf leggings with a purple flowy top and a white cropped cardigan. Personally, I feel there's a colour clash of sorts but at the same time, it's more than just the colours but I dont know what went wrong coz Im no fashionista.

Whatever it is, thankfully that's not me. It's a middle aged Chinese auntie's attempt to look hip and young all over again. Unfortunately, not in this era. Gawd Im so mean.

Oh, speaking of which, quite some time back, I got a black pair of slacks which almost look like leggings for only 5 bucks which to me is perfect for those mid length flowy tops. Problem, I dont have those mid length flowy tops. Except for one green coloured one which my mum thought the colour looked so dark on me but now she said it would look okay with the leggings. I havent tried the look yet. I've been thinking on what to buy for my next fashion shopping spree (which only comes about if I have extra money) and I have decided to not just shop for one label. Read: Mango. Of course the year end sales is so begging me to go and grab a few tops but at the same time, I want to try other labels as well. Giordano has a nice few selections recently and even Bossini. This time, Rahayu is going to think 'variety' which, at the same time also, can be worn quite often.

So now what is up with me and all this talk about what looks hot and what's not. Ok personally, I want to try and look hot...without busting my budget. But with the right kind of style and make up, anyone can look better than their every day look. This is not my attempt to hook up with a guy (but if it is inevitable, I cant say no, can I?) but I just want to look better.

Sigh, I think I must stop looking at how gorgeous the Bollywood actresses have become. Blame it on the Bollywood movie I watched last week where the actress looks so gorgeous! And oh, to Bipasha Basu who liplocked with Christiano Ronaldo!! Dont even talk about Bollywood. Just see who Nicole Sherzinger has grabbed as a boyfriend!

Okaylah, beauty is in the eye of the beholder...blah blah blah......personality counts more than the looks...blah blah blah........and you will grow old and wrinkly eventually one day...blah blah blah.

Oh come on! It wouldnt kill to try and look hot at times right? It's called the right to feel like a woman.

Smouldering hot..thats what I like it. Oh, and head turner.

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