Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Bleak Singapore Future

I was watching Noose just now and it echoed the dilemma of my colleagues and I about Singaporeans who just love to complain. I was like, well, we try to accomodate to them but they always try to find fault. When we try to solve the problem of one, another one come in with a fresh new complain. Come on, it's just generally awful to be living among people who are not gracious and who are so used to getting their way around by being obnoxiously rude without a spare of thought that other people have feelings too. Seriously, there is a difference between giving constructive feedback and complaining. Oh, and the best thing? Pushing the blame on others or making false accusations.

Recent events made my eyes open wider about Singaporeans right now. My thought is, how on earth our future generation is going to be like when they have parents with such huge attitude problems. And because of them, I nearly got into trouble when this bloody parent told my VP when he eventually got to talk to her that office people (he was referring to me) passed him around because the VP did not want to talk to him.

Im like....'WHAT?!!!' I did not pass him around like some bloody ball..I answered the phone 3 bloody times from him coz he was so impatient and degil or stubborn NOT to leave his number and name behind and would rather call and ask for my vice principal who was in an informal meeting with the new teachers. And then the third time he called he was ranting like a mad person about the school, the VP and other schools 'efficiency' (which I later realised why he knew about the dates in other schools was because my colleague said he called before and boasted that his wife worked in the MOE headquarters). I mean seriously, 'so? shes not the general director or something'. Throughout his ranting, I DID NOT retaliate because I have learnt to tolerate such parents by not crossing the line and just be neutral about it.

Uhm, basically that means putting the phone about a certain distance away from my ear and then telling him, ok I will try to ask the VP...again...if she can allow me to transfer the call to her in the midst of her meeting. And the thanks I get? He said I did not allow him to speak to her. Are you f**king ok or not?!

The funny thing is that when I went into her room to ask her to sign some papers, I told her that I did not say such things but she was like..oh's's just the parent is so rude and blah it's not my fault. But my colleague was like...'sure or not? she was making so much noise in the morning just now about me not knowing how to answer calls properly and to teach me the right way of answering'. Anyway my colleague was nice enough not to confront me about the matter by telling me off straight away but asking me if I had said to him that the VP did not want to talk to him. Of course I said no and merely said to the parent..'ok...ok...' while he was scolding anything and everything about the school. She didnt think I was making stories either coz she spoke to the parent before and he was also ranting and she also recently got a nasty encounter with another parent, all dressed up in an air force uniform and fetching his son back during school, and showing a 'just who are you to talk to me at all?!' kind of attitude.

I didnt mean to let this post be about my frustrations with such parents coz I know not all of them are nice. But I just pity the children who I think are relying too much on their parents to solve the problem for them and who tend to make such a big 'hoo haa' over trivial matters or on matters that the children have exaggerated on making them the poor innocent 'victims'. Even when the boy fell flat on the floor and obtained injuries due to his own carelessness, the teacher would have to answer to the parents because it happened in the school premise even if it meant after school dismissal.

I see the future generation of Singapore being pretty bleak...sigh...

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