Monday, October 27, 2008

On the Rebound

I dont deny that I love me dramas. Not my the 'dramas' in my life but rather the ones on tv. Or rather streamed to my laptop or pc. I have been anticipating the re-hook up of one of the couples on Greek. They are barely there characters but just as interesting to watch as well and like all fans of the show, we have been wanting for them to get back together again.

Okay, good news is..they did. Bad news? They're not officially a couple because of one of them who has just split with the boyfriend so at this point of time, just want to be single but doesnt mind hanging out with each other.

That got me disappointed. I mean...why beat around the bush? Just hook up ah!

But seriously, it was a fair request to want to be...pfft...friends. I mean, if they were to hook up immediately, than that guy would become the rebound guy straight after a break up. Just like an episode of Ugly Betty just now where Gio said he did not want to be the rebound guy, he wants to be THE guy.

So oh well....this Wednesday will be the season finale of Greek and I was not hoping much would come out of their 'friendship' coz I have seen clips and I do not think they would have screen time together.

Okay tell you the truth, the two of them were caught sleeping in the same bed.

At least that put a smile on my face, friends or not.

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