Monday, October 20, 2008

Seasonal Geek

Im currently obssessed with a German band called Tokio Hotel and last Friday, while at work doing a monotonous job of pasting medical certificates on recycled papers, I was also downloading some songs from them on my work pc. Mariah was too busy to chat with me so I had to keep myself entertained coz being me, I get bored easily doing work. Despite the boredom, I actually dont mind getting something to be done at work coz there are so many things that I have yet to handle coz my other colleagues have already been designated to do the major things. I usually have to wait for assignments that do not require the use of the various mind boggling intranet systems. But usually it comes after they're done using them and they got a bit more free time to assign me those jobs.

Actually I got no intentions of downloading but my GAWD, the music that my colleagues play on their own work pcs can be a little bit...nauseating...on my ears. The colleague behind me had this same Chinese song playing again and again last Friday. Just as I thought it stopped and other songs started playing, and then oh! There it goes again. It was like deja vu. I know the song is popular and even I had heard it before but seriously, one can only take so much. And please dont let me begin with my boss playing the soundtrack to Mamma Mia! which basically remade all the songs of ABBA. Best of all, she played the soundtrack on the damn speaker system in the office! What happened to respecting people's privacy?

So I tried to tune out the songs with a bit of downloading of songs to keep me entertained. I would have played the web radio but I wanted to try out something different.

Oh remember I talked about this new TA who replaced Chuck? Well, he's a pretty boy friendly person and through Chuck, I supposed he made friends with the two other staff who is in charge of the online edu portal for the students and like him, they are also freshies. And through them, he knew the new untrained teachers which included the really annoying Malay girl. She annoyed me again when she saw the special needs officer (whom I knew better than them) and the new TA unsuccessfully convincing me to go lunch with them.

She kept saying in some bashful school girl manner to 'go lah!! go lunch with us la! come la!!'...while I was saying 'no lah, it's ok..' repeatedly and then she said...'come la! Ji Ying will treat you!' What the? Using ur friend's name to convince me to go and what if I took what she said as for real? At that point of time, I was getting annoyed and said I cant coz no one in the office (well, I had to think of something....) and she looked around the office in, again, a gigglish school girl manner, and said, 'oh..ok!' And on the way out, I heard her loudly loudly how she found it funny that she made use of her friend to tell me that she was going to treat lunch. Gawd.

This happened last Thurday and on Friday, I didnt see them going for lunch together as one. And then, it kinda occured to me that the new TA should be sitting upstairs with them instead coz I dunno, it does seem out of place for him to be sitting with us when his new friends are all sitting together upstairs. Plus my other colleagues who used to be very friendly with Chuck, didnt really talk to him and for myself, Im pretty neutral like I dont lean on just one person to talk and infact, talks to everybody. Except my boss.

Anyway Im glad that we have a friendly rapport ever since I started talking to him once when I felt bad that they were not talking to him and he was sitting there looking bored. What to do, Rahayu is always pleased to entertain people. And I found out he has a sense of humour also coz one time he came up to me and said there was this one boy sitting outside the sick bay. Usually my male colleagues would attend to them but they were not around and my other colleagues were busy doing their stuffs like usual.

So I was like telling him...eurgh...I hate doing first aid given my low threshold for blood and fresh wounds but I didnt tell him the reason, and I said why dont you do it. He was like..'sure! I was a medical student.' which he said with a straight face. Heh. What d'ya know, a geek with a sense of humour.

And then that Friday, as I was about to pass by him, he looked at me and then just as I bypassed his cubicle, he suddenly asked...'Is Rahim opened?' Im like..'huh?!' He said..'Rahim...mee rebus'. I was thinking who the heck is Rahim but he is the owner of a popular mee rebus shop in Kovan which, frankly speaking, I am not a fan of but people in Hougang and Kovan areas just love it. So I was like..'er...should be?' But seriously, weird for him to ask me that.

Well I may call him a geek but actually, he does not look like one. I just like calling him that, as well as Chuck, coz they deal with computers and their servers. Honestly, nowadays it can be quite an honour being called a geek coz it means you're an expert in a certain field, more commonly in the computer or technology fields. I wouldnt mind being called a geek too. But usually my geekiness doesnt come all the time unless my internet goes down or Im studying computer codes. You can call me a seasonal geek though! :D

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