Stupid Lift Hoarders

What is it with people who just CANNOT hold the lift door for the next person to get in?!!! All act dumb...or rather selfish, as if that lift can only occupy one person!! I know Im not exactly thin but will having me inside jam the lift?! And even if you want to have ur own privacy, cant you wait for at least when u reach home instead of leaving poor me with bags of groceries to wait for another lift that will only come down from the top floor of the flat?!!!

Selfish a**holes.....

If you're a foreigner not living in Singapore, let me tell you this. Singaporeans in general are selfish people who basically think about themselves only. They live in a 'me first' society. If they are trying to drive into your head that we're a small but independent country, that may be true, but this fact existed long time ago already. NOW, the real fact is that we're just a bunch of people who lack in graciousness and kindness and who will do anything to get to the top even if it means coming up with elaborate evil schemes for their own selfish benefit.

And oh yes...we complain a lot and compliment less!!

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