Friday, October 17, 2008

Too Young Love?

Okay to be honest with you, I cant help but keep on replaying back this scene on my laptop...

This was the smile I referred to in my previous post. Those dimples...that sweet baby face of his?! Even though he is not the main character and one of the goofy partygoers in his fraternity (ok..except for one..they're ALL party people), his story has the potential to go far and getting more popular based on fan requests. Like come on, look at that face! Hands down, he is more good looking that the lead male characters. What the heck the casting director was doing.

But then, liking his sweet smile makes me have this feeling that I will end up with a younger guy *shudders*.

Er, dont get me wrong. Im all for 'love does not have to come in the form of a perfect guy' and that hey, if you're happy with the guy, who cares what others think.

But, I think that since Im the type of person who can be pretty cautious and whose emotions are sometimes dictated by what people think of her, it can be pretty difficult for me if I get such thoughts in my way. It's just like this constant fear in my head that will creep out slowly and eventually ruin my relationship. Still, if the guy is for keeps, I may just rethink like...pfft...who cares about the *gasp* three or four years of difference. Even if I look around his age, I think there will be this invisible tape recorder in my head reminding me constantly that the guy Im dating is younger. But hey, in case u are going to start labelling me as an egomaniac or shallow (of which I dont deny the latter....because Im sure deep down everyone is, except mine tends to hover at the top a bit), I can be open minded over the concept of love so we'll never know that eventually, I'll just get over the fact that the guy is younger and other people? They can kiss my ass for all I care.

I mean, when things happen, things happen. There is no way you can look back and think that hey, I shouldnt be in this because I dont deserve it. Everyone deserves happiness and whether it is short lived or not, it is another matter. Just as long as it doesnt jeopardize the happiness of someone else (a.k.a sleeping with your friend's boyfriend).

Okay even if you seriously like your friend's boyfriend and that you think that them together is like putting a cat and dog together, it's just wrong to poke our head into their relationship and ruin everything.

It's tough but the thing about love is that, if he or she is meant to be your soulmate, with a twist of fate, things can change for the better. And that guy? You may end up married to him. Uhm, just as long as we dont try to play God and flirt our way in because you may end up with him eventually, but with extra guilt to bear which wont go away easily.

So for all singles out there like me, who has not scored a single date over the longest period of time (or every single breathing second), just enjoy the moment that life has to offer while we're swinging our single badge. Life is too short to think about why men are just not interested in us. Or just think, they're a bit slow lah. They need time to catch up with us :D

Meanwhile, let me gawk at the guy again.

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