Thursday, October 30, 2008


It is amazing how small this world can be. Yesterday night, I was telling you about the Israeli love story and ok...sidetracking here a bit, it was the SHORTEST love story I have ever watched. Seriously short. I dont know if they were trying to say that if we fall in love so quickly, we can fall out of love so quickly also and then patch back that fast too. Hrm.

Oh yah the small world. I was reading through the comments for the heck of it and one of them was like commenting how he or she came from one of the countries in Asia which is conservative and only showed Brokeback Mountain (a gay themed love story) on the big screen. And then I was thinking....MUST be Singapore. And then true enough! When I clicked on the username which led to the profile, he or she IS from Singapore.

Oh, and that's not all. This 24 yr old person kinda creeped me out because apparently, the channels that this person subscribed to are mostly the same that I have subscribed to also or have watched a few times. Im like..'huh?!' And then this person apparently have also watched almost the same clips that I had watched which included films posted by independent film producers or compilation of clips from...get this...the soap dramas that I have watched or still currently watching.

Crazy or what?!! I know ure thinking...pfft.....come on, it's're not the only one. But to know someone who basically shared the same taste on youtube is hard to find especially in your own country. Oh my Gawd. If we ever met or talk to each other, we will be busy comparing notes. I will be like..'hey did u see that latest clip from As the World Turns? What the heck was Luke doing?' and the person would say...'Yah.....why would he do such a thing..' Coolness, eh? And we would also share tidbits about the independent films that we have watched on youtube which I find out that this person have also watched The Bubble from a certain Israeli film producer and commented about this other film from another foreign producer that we should look out for.

Another tidbit that I can share with this person is that well....Brokeback Mountain will not be the only gay themed film that has shown in Singapore in the coming future. Early next year they will be releasing this biopic movie called Milk starring Sean Penn and James Franco among the number of actors about a slain Gay Rights activist and politician in the late 70s. 

To whoever you are.....nice to know someone watches international soap dramas like me too!

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