Monday, October 13, 2008

Expect the Unexpected

Love can happen anytime, anywhere. Dont you think so? I know I am not exactly the type who is romantic or enjoys reading romantic novels or even think of romantic things my potential date or future boyfriend can do to impress me. To be honest with you, I can be pretty simple minded when it comes to the art of being romantic.

What can a guy say or do to impress little ol' me. Hrm, Im trying hard to go beyond the body here...which is not easy....but hey, here's a few pointers. Basically, someone who does not try so hard to impress, has a goal or few goals in life which do not include flirting as many girls as he can, funny but not too overbearing just to make you laugh (or cringe) and of course, sincerity. If he is sincere, it will show through his words and actions and honestly, I dont know how to describe it. And oh, another thing, a certain kind of connection that bind us emotionally like he can understand what I go through. But at the same time, urge me to make a difference in my life but not in a preachy sort of manner.

So the recent soap dramas and short films I watched proved to me that yes indeed, like my opening theme to this entry that, love can happen anytime even though it can take time to open your eyes. The sheer volume of connection that two people share over a remarkably short period of time prove to me also that love does not need so much time to stir feelings in one's heart. If it happens, it happens.

Unfortunately, as fast as it can happen, it can turn you into a wreck the next moment. To see the love of your life fading away before your very eyes as he succumbs to cancer or by his parent who shows her unhappiness over you and will do anything to keep the two of you apart.

But this is just the trials and tribulations of love. It can also reopen your heart to another possibility and who knows, this time around, he or she is for keeps. To lose your loved one to cancer and finding a new love unexpectedly through his male best friend who bonded with you during the difficult times. And a parent whose heart is as hard as stone begins to soften and realise that she is creating a big mistake trying to drive the two of you apart.

So to me, doesnt hurt to embrace love. It doesnt always promise happiness but to defy love, it is like denying yourself of the great things it can do to you. Even if that guy or girl has broken your heart into a million pieces, there is always room for another one who may very well be the love of your life. Ironically, that very same person who has broken your heart, may start to make amends with you because I that time, his brain is short wired or something that all logic gets thrown out. And then the two of you end up together again, stronger than ever.

Therefore with love, maybe you can say....expect the unexpected?

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