Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hari Raya Food Dilemma

First and foremost,

SELAMAT HARI RAYA!!!! Well, whats hari raya at my house without being so drama mama somewhere in the late evening when we all were getting ready to go out and visit my elder aunt, who turned out to be in hospital. I'll get to that later. I mean..pfft...who else would be so drama but my mum who freaked out when I got her instructions wrong when she asked me to send my brother's blouse or baju kurung to a makeshift tailor shop for amendments. When I said freaked out, I seriously meant freaked out.

Oh, and uhm....talking about being so drama mama, I hate to say this but I was feeling like that also..heh. Now now dont give me the killer dagger looks coz well...rahayu is known to be irritatingly whiny or moody at times. I was sad coz my mum didnt cook as promised for hari raya. Even one miserable dish, I would be so happy already.

But anyway, my cousin came to deliver food at the doorstep but it was not as much as the past years, like as if it was only meant for my father. Though it was still maybe...quite enough for us too but I would feel bad eating them. Er, frankly speaking though I dont quite eat them over the past years coz it's too oily for me, I just felt that I was just a bit too upset my mum didnt fulfill her promise so it kinda killed my eating mood a bit. Anyway the day before raya when I guess she saw my upset face, she asked if I wanted her to cook for her anything but I said it would be quite a hassle for her coz i know her. She would go on and on about wanting to cook coz she could see from MY face that I wanted to eat something by her but later I guess she would complain that I was making her do extra work so forget it.

And then when I went to hospital, in full Hari Raya outfit mind you, though I was not alone thank God, my uncle was eating the hari raya dishes and it So when I went home and saw leftover lontong, or rice cake, which was just a little bit, I asked if I could eat it and my mum was like..'R U CRAZY?! Now then u want to eat!!' Heh. Anyway it was meant for my brother but she felt bad for me so she left me some and I ate with some broken pieces of nachos. Did u know when I eat it? When I was napping on my sofa at 1 plus am in the morning and she woke me up to eat those leftover rice cakes. And then she was saying that if I want her to cook, I can buy the things, which was like ready made for cooking from the ntuc fairprice, so it would be not be such a hassle for her to cook.

Ah mum who went berserk earlier in the evening (like some 5 yr old kid throwing a tantrum) subdued later and gave in to my wishes. Okay technically not yet but hey, at least she is sincere. Alright I didnt whine but a face can say a thousand words and I guess my mum knows that it's more than just that. Basically she knows I got a problem eating food cooked by others coz it's just not the same as my mother's. Sigh, if only she didnt promise she would cook then probably I wont be in such a moody fix.

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