Random Pics in October

And I'm back with the random pics of the month!

This time it is really random, haha. Not much but I'll add on in time to come I guess.

I'm crazed about notebooks but they're pretty ex. Make that pretty and ex. I got it for $1.50 though.

Nutty trying a new work outfit. She looked good and was psychoed into buying it, ha!

I waited for ONE sample pack of the lip ice lipbalm for 2 weeks. I went to work and I got four!

My lips have been dry lately. This is soothing.

My last present? I think..unexpectedly from an ex colleague.

I bought the Glow magazine from Watson's for $2 just for the free goodies.
The face milk which is actually some facial sunscreen.
Make up remover
Erm..the great singapore workout cd - the revival.
And this will be  a great exercise tool for toning. A flexiband! Have yet to try though..
Not part of the Glow mag. A necklace from citigems by an ex colleague as a bdae gift. So the fancy shcmancy.

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