My Life in Limbo

It hasn't been a good week for me. Yes, you hear me complain about this all the time but really, this isn't a good week. First and foremost, I got myself in a fix where I lied one after another. Luckily, I wasn't asked too many questions but that very few questions that I was asked, I got more nervous. If there was a lie detector somewhere nearby, it would have exploded.

All because I was desperate. So desperate that I was willing to do such a thing that if they ever find out, I will be in deep deep trouble. So far, I haven't heard any news since that Tuesday when she said that she would get back to me after speaking to her approving officer. She never did and I got so scared when she said that because if her AO is like my AO a.k.a the BOSS, it would be subjected to questions after questions and that I will be in such deep, pardon the language, sh*t.

I've been feeling so remorseful about it and have been praying to God that everything will be fine and that I am really really sorry for what I've done but I felt I had to because I was so desperate! Sometimes when you are so desperate, you don't think. I should know because I used to watch CSI:Miami over the years.

Until now up to the point of me writing this am I wishing for things to get better. Now if you are thinking about what the heck have I done that got me so worried sick the last few days, I can't say. Yes, it's that top secret. But you know how the internet works. 

I hope God has been hearing my prayers that things will be fine and that though I am desperate, I did it for a reason. Look I am still so nervous about this ordeal that I am having difficulty churning this blog entry out because I am still so scared out of my wits I keep making spelling errors as in I keep deleting the words because I keep typing wrongly.

I promise you that once this episode is over, I will be back blogging about my life. For now, my life is truly TRULY in a limbo.

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