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Yesterday, I was mentioning about me trying to make a claim of quite a large amount (technically, not really but by far, the largest amount I have claimed so far) for reimbursement. I knew she was going to ask for supporting documents like dunno what from here or there and yes of course, the receipt which I admit to her later, I don't have it with me anymore but I was willing to drop the matter as seriously, it was no point pursuing it. 

But she was kind enough to actually forgo the receipt and to give her at least some supporting document to say that I had to make payment in cash. I couldn't wait to go home and find such document. I did try to find and I don't know if it is useful because that is the only thing I have but which did mention the amount payable. Hopefully, it goes through *fingers crossed*

Like I said, the eventual claim will be very useful for me including, first and foremost, paying off my loan from friends during my hard times. The rest of the money, I will just keep and use it sparingly or for emergency. I must always remember that this money belonged to my late father when he worked hard through the years. I was not about to misuse the money like that. It will be meant for the family, although during the times when he was still alive, sometimes I will use the money for other purposes but majority is for the family.

If she asked for further documents, I would die and just give up. I told her in advance that is the only document I have.

Yet again *fingers crossed* I don't  hear from her anymore. 

Oh by the way, let' about work recently. I don't know why but recently my boss has been talking to me like asking me to do stuffs. Alright I know, she's the boss and she is supposed to ask me to do stuffs for her. But in the sense that she trusted me to do stuffs for her. When my ex colleague was around, she used to ask her to do stuffs and she was always very 'on' about it despite her complaints to me later in very long and 'mak nenek' (grandmother) sort of way. Seriously so long that I feel like taking the nearest sharp object to stab myself so I can stop her incessant complain.

But in my heart, I will always think that this girl is out to impress my boss by being on her good side by taking everything offered to her even though some of the instructions were meant for me. Who wouldn't anyway because following orders mean that we can get better appraisal reports and higher performance bonus in the following year. It's a no brainer.

Still, her hogging the limelight do not allow me to grow as an individual at work. But after she left, I took on her job scope and then my boss just slowly trusted me to do other stuffs as well and it helped that most of the time, I knew what she wanted and where to get them with little prompting. How? Actually, I also don't know, haha. Somehow I just 'know' just like me and pop culture. I just 'know'. If I'm not sure, I will just ask her.

It pays to explore around learning things on  your own rather than always get instructions wholesale. It shows the boss that you know what you are doing and that you are willing to go beyond what is given. Your boss will be more confident in giving you tasks which gives your boss more opportunities to grade you in your appraisal report.

Seriously, it is not about sucking up to her. It is about growing as an individual. Such skills will be useful in any workplace that you go. 

Enough rambling on that. Let me share with you this piece of goss.

I don't know about you people but to me, I believe in love and that love knows no boundaries.

But uhm, sometimes people take things a bit too far. Think, psychos :S

Still, whatever it is, or whatever my ex colleague want to call that guy from my workplace, it's her life. Just don't keep asking me about him and his whereabouts like earlier today. Like my other ex colleague from my previous workplace would say, well, as long as they're happy.

For me, I know for sure I would be happy if my late father's public trustee officer would approve my claims and reimburse me. I hope God gives me this one time miracle to help my family through hard times especially when the prices of things in general has gone up 20%. Yikes.

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