Health 101: Reduce Salt Intake

If you live in Singapore, we are always spoilt for choice for food because there are just so many mouth watering food available on our tiny island! Go figure.

We just love our food, simply said. Whenever other people hear about health talks, many stifle a yawn like why go torture yourself by not eating such delicious food for the sake of 'health'? Trust me, if you have family members who had lost their lives because of such ravaging diseases and seeing how slowly their health deteriorated, you wouldn't blink an eye again. 

But what I always emphasize that yes, life is indeed short and we shouldn't sacrifice too much for the sake of health because once in awhile, what's the harm of enjoying the pleasures of food eh? Why do you think I have at least one buffet session per year, heh heh.

In general, I tried to eat as healthy as I can. I only eat hawker food or from food court ocasionally when my mum requests or rather, protest that she doesn't want to cook. That or when my pay is in and then I get to buy back some food. I also eat at the canteen about once a week but tried to stick with safe food and not those noodles like hor fun or what not because from my colleagues' experience, they put a lot of salt and monosodium glutamate.

So what is basically the point of me telling you this?

Have you read about this recent article about how Singaporeans are actually eating 60% more salt than the daily requirements? Yikes.

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The worst part? 80% of Singaporeans. Why this spike? Because simply said, we love our food.

Honestly, trying to eat healthy is one of the most boring things on earth. But it is a necessity. Medical fees in future are going to be exorbitant. We don't want to always feel sluggish and having too much salt in our bodies will lead to further decline in health as many health ailments can occur due to the over consumption of salt.

Most of the time, we should aim to eat healthily. I suggest having meal replacements like 2 pieces of wholemeal bread or low fat digestives in the morning and in the afternoon, you can have a light meal such as rice with veggies and lean protein such as chicken breast (non fried of course). Sometimes from the canteen, I like to buy the chicken chop which is basically grilled chicken but I won't eat the skin. I will also request for less rice. Or I will buy rice with at least 2 vegetable dishes. 

I know of people who always have a hearty breakfast in the morning and a hearty lunch in the afternoon. For example, for a Malay, that will probably mean mee rebus (yellow mee with thick peanut gravy) or Nasi Lemak (coconut rice with dishes) and in the afternoon, probably rice with a variety of spicy dishes.

If you know you are going to eat later on for dinner, I suggest a simple yet healthy lunch. I will sometimes bring an avocado and low fat cheese sandwich. Or I will eat wholemeal cereal with low fat milk. If dinner is not going to be served, I will eat a bit more during lunch or just buy a takeaway from the canteen. 

It takes a lot of getting used to but eventually, you can conquer your mind and train yourself to eat right. Once in awhile you can indulge but be careful you don't overindulge. 

Always remember health is wealth. If you also don't forsee your family members taking a lot of time taking care of you when you fall sick, do them a favour by taking good care of  your health. Also, educate your family members into eating right. There are wives who would obey their husbands by giving them all the nice food as you know, a way to a man's heart is through the stomach. But do them a favour too by preparing for them healthy meals and avoid food court meals as much as you can. Like I said, you just don't know what the heck they put in there. For all you know they will add extra seasoning like salt and MSG just to add on to the flavours. 

Therefore, start from now and start small at first if it is going to be difficult. Cut down on your salt intake, peeps!

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