Beauty 101: Maybelline Mineral Foundation

I finally got my hands on the maybelline mineral foundation! I have been wanting it for so long but I wanted to wait for the special edition kind where they will normally have a nice printed cover on the casing which is free. So we will only pay for the refill.

What is fantastic about mineral powder is that (according to the box) it doesn't clog pores, contains no preservatives or oils so it is suitable even for sensitive skin.

Yes, again..fantastico!

I don't really have sensitive skin but I do have the tendencies to get breakouts so I hardly use any foundation except when I go out with friends or on weekends. But it's just rather lame to put this cheap $1.50 Chinese talc powder on my face that in the olden days, our mothers and grandmothers (or God forbids even great grandmothers) use to swear by as a beauty product.

But! I am not about to give up on it because I actually swear by it in which it works great as a loose powder and doesn't make my skin oily and keep it matte for the whole number of hours I'm at work and after work! See, who says cheapo products don't work.

In the US, they are from the Palladio Beauty group and it looks like this:

Palladio Rice Powder

Only thing is, that is just the gist of it. Loose powder. At the end of the day, while it doesn't cake up and make my skin oily, I need something better so that I will still look good with a better coverage of my skin.

While I envy make up, I prefer my skin to be in its natural state as much as it can so that my skin can still breathe without all the piling of make up a.k.a chemicals.

Some shots of the Maybelline two way foundation which I bought earlier today:

Ignore the fat palm.

While it claims to be Maybelline New York, the foundations is really made in China, just a little info if you think that you have a 100% US product, hrm.

My verdict? It does give a clean finish but that's about it? Well I haven't really given a thorough test drive because I am wearing it at home. So far, so good but it may be a completely different story when I set out to work tomorrow.

I'm more into a foundation that gives a skin brightening effect like the ZA true white plus foundation. It really gives me a nice coverage and does make my skin brighter. However, I will put on the Palladio loose powder on top so that it will stay matte through the day.

But of course, I will stick to it in the sense that yes, my rather sensitive skin is in need of some lovin' as well and I'm sure the mineral benefits will give me a better looking skin. I'm thirty, not forty, hrm..

So I think that this will be a permanent fixture in my morning routine before I leave for work. Yay, now my face doesn't look so drab anymore as it promises to give a healthier looking skin and then added benefit of SPF 30 covers me from the harmful effects of the sun on my face. But yes, still put on your facial sunscreen lotion.

You can get it at watson's or hypermarkets. Selling at SGD 19.90.

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