Dare to Dream

My internet is back on again! Yahoo! Good thing I'm not at a total loss as I still have internet connection in the form of the mobile broadband plugged into my laptop. It's been a hectic and stressful week at home with all the shouting and anxiety, all because we didn't get the maintenance allowance as expected. Money was running seriously low and I had to resort to borrowing and I kept getting calls for my overdue bills. Hellish, is the word to describe.

So irritating it was for me to wake up so early in the morn or at around midnight, checking to see if the money went in and then going back home empty handed. This is what happens when you leave behind money with the government. Sigh...

I will put this episode behind me. Lesson learnt for me too. If I need to make reimbursement claims, NEVER make it quite close to the date that I will be getting the allowance, lest the system goes bonkers again. 

This week, my heart goes to the family of the little girl who lost her life so quickly in just two weeks due to complications arising from fever and cough. No mother would want to see her child buried before her. But on earth, we are mere mortals. God loves her more. She was the prettiest and most quietest one among all her six children, and just like that, her life quickly became upset down as she lost a battle with her illness. It was so unexpected and my heart really goes to her family, though I never knew the family but just a brief encounter with her mum when my mum ordered some cakes from her.

Another loss is the passing of Steve Jobs after his long battle with pancreatic cancer. He dared to dream different and out of the box and people practically become apple converts under his great creative genius. He taught us all to dare to dream. 

This is mostly us in general. A lot of people choose to waste time and not do things. While I admire the spirit of many young entrepreneurs who dare to dream big and different, there are still those who would rather act cool then do something productive with their time.

I want to begin my thirties on fresh clean slate. While our time on earth is short, it doesn't mean that we can't make an impact. Not everyone can be like Steve Jobs. But everyone can dream and achieve something in their lives. 

Grab a notebook and write down your creative ideas. Nevermind if it is going to sound wild or outrageous and people probably not going to buy them. The thing is, if you think like everyone else, how do you set yourself apart? You are practically going to blend in.

So people. Over this weekend, instead of just lounging and surfing the net endlessly (erm..guilty as charged), we shall do something productive, eh? Make this weekend the start of a new beginning to a better life. Dare to dream :)

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