Be Your Own Boss

People make mistakes, I know but this year, I think I have made far too many. But I'm trying to cope well and though it's hard, I always think that hey, things will become better. Meanwhile, try not to make too many mistakes, ha!

I've said it before and you probably hear it in the news as well that inflation costs things to rise in price generally 20% more. While the news report that we are getting paid better, I...beg to differ though. There are still many of us who struggle with daily expenses and the rising cost of goods that we have to think of alternative venues. For me, namely borrowing. My credit limit sucks. I don't like it but what to do, some things are not within my control.

When I hear about people not working and then those who earn so much less but has a family to feed, my only thought is that how the heck these people survive. But I admire those who rise through the adversities, work hard to improve their salary standards by changing jobs or by taking extra self improvement courses and now, they don't have to think how to feed their families the next day.

For one thing, they are very motivated. Their sole motivation is to make things better for them and their families. While a lot of people from my generation, are earning better than the youth in the past and that they have more moolah to buy things for themselves including luxury goods, we cannot forget that in this world, there are people who are worse off than us. 

But I always emphasize that even if we do not have enough money, we can still be stylish on a budget without compromising our overall look by looking so slack-ish. We have to continue to think positive. But thinking positive is one thing. Another thing is to make the darn effort to improve ourselves.

Though things haven't been good to me financially, such as to the extent of having my phone line outgoing calls suspended (the last round was in 2006), I want to believe that I can improve my life. I know I've always said again and again how I want to start my accessories line but it never took off! I don't ask much. If I could earn about $50 per month, it's good enough. Start small. Think big. Make things better. 

I bought a CLEO magazine and one of the articles is about creating our dream business and becoming our own boss. I don't think as of now, I can give up my current job but it doesn't mean that I can always be stuck with this pay. I can do things to improve. In the future, who knows I will be getting more ideas and expanding my accessories line into something else once the money starts streaming in. 

So if you have been hemming and hawing like yours truly and then wishing things will get better, trust me, it will be better ONLY if you do something about it. Take a leaf from someone's life (or something in that line) where if you want to make your life better, you gotta OWN it. Take charge of it. Don't waste time just thinking about your sad current situation.

A famous businessman ever said that one way to improve poverty is to go into business. Nowadays, it is easy to reach out to people with the advent of social networking. 

Let me know how it goes if you are a first timer like me trying to waddle into the pool of entrepreneurship. If you have a website or blog that you want to share  which you start from scratch and making money or breaking even, let me know too. Let us be inspired by your stories :)

See, even though I'm up to my neck with outstanding bills (I wish that I have a magic wand to make them *poof*), I am trying to think of ways to improve my current situation. Loan is out. Making moolah is in.

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