Circle Line Adventures

As usual, I can't emphasize enough how some people are just so over the moon about our public transport here in Singapore. Not me, my younger brother. Gosh, you have no idea how fixated he is with them buses and trains. Boys, I guess.

Anyway, for all the minor hiccups that are happening and uhm..price hikes every now and then, you can't deny the efficiency of the public transport in Singapore. Whenever a crisis happens like the recent electricity cut off affecting the circle line, they were fast enough to send out smrt buses to provide alternative transport arriving at about 6 plus. Even then, people still complain that it was too slow and their reason was that it took time for the buses to travel as normally these buses are from the north side of Singapore. Come on peeps, don't always complain. Not everything can be ready with the snap of the fingers.

So took a tonne of photos. K, fine. Not that many because I am not a photog enthusiast plus editing photos can be quite a killer sometimes. Won't really explain much but I just let the pictures do the talking as usual :)

Talk about convenience. A stone throw away is given a whole new meaning because now, the minute you step out of the train stations for some of them, they were practically just beside some important landmarks.

Why don't they just build a train station just beside my flat? ha!

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