Health 101: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

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When you read about this post, I need to emphasize with you that in no way, am I saying you are unhealthy if you are obese or severely overweight. I just want you to know that if you think you are happy the way you are, then that is good. But this post is merely just suggesting that you may want to just take this post with a pinch of salt. 

Just a little info (yet again...) that I am plus size but in the much lower range because basically, due to the genetic made up in my body, I have rather big hips. I used to be a lot bigger but I decided to take actions because I am sick and tired of being in this size. So I thought that I should do something to go out of this very comfortable comfort zone and finally try to lose some weight. Trust me, it wasn't easy but I had to. I was getting out of control with the various kinds of food that I had been eating.

I know that being big doesn't mean that we're fat and lazy. There are a lot of them who are active and keeps a healthy lifestyle but they're just..well, big. While I understand that yes, genes also have something to do with how our bodies are, we cannot just think that oh, due to genes I am forever like this. That's not true. While yes, I can't do much about my big hips, the least I can do is to try to reduce them so that they don't become out of control and pretty soon, I have to wear curtains as skirts.

All I am saying to these people is keep up the healthy lifestyle. Try as much as you can to be active and eat healthy food. While it is OK to indulge ourselves sometimes, it is never a good thing to overindulge. Like nutritionists always say, that whatever you eat, you must equate it to the amount of exercise you have to do to burn most of the 'useless' calories off so that they won't stay on as fats in your body. Trust me, once they're on your body, it can be really hard to get them off. I am still trying to reduce the fats that have accumulated over the years due to my overeating.

Of course we don't like people to dictate to us what we should do. But I want to reach out to those overweight people who are not doing anything to improve their diet or fitness even though they are happy in their state. To this people, I suggest you go out of your comfort zone and for once, do try to include fitness as part of your every day routine. 

Why? Simple. For the sake of health. Younger people are now prone to getting sickness and I know of people around my age who get so sick every now and then. Yet, they continue to overeat and have little physical exercise. While flu and cough may be common, when they become worse, you are at a bigger risk of getting more serious illness. And while modern technology allows for better medication, it can get even more expensive in the future and can cause a financial toll on us especially when we rely on such medications so that we don't go into relapse or have our conditions to worsen.

I know I've talked about the importance of health. It is just that it saddens me to see younger people getting bigger and bigger and they don't see it as a big deal. There are others among them who are even smoking which triple the risk of getting major illnesses like heart diseases. Why put your life under unnecessary risks? While we can't predict our life and what is to come, the least we can do is to prevent the worse from happening.

Really, once you get into the swing of things, you will find yourself lighter, happier and you will continue to partake in this healthy lifestyle for good. If you think you are happy now, imagine the happiness when you have more energy to do even more things in future when you are lighter and smoke free.

Start small.

You can get into the swing of things by doing some simple routines like brisk walking? Climb the stairs instead of taking lifts, eat more greens, wholemeal instead of just hawker food or restaurant food for lunch and even dinner. They may taste good but you have no idea what goes into there. For all you know, they have the help of flavour enhancers like monosodium glutamate.

You can also go into the local public gyms at stadiums where the entry can be as cheap as $2.50. Do not be too conscious of your body. They are too busy working their arse off than to notice your er..arse. I suggest you go slow and steady and then build up on the speed as you progress and you find yourself managing the stress of exercise better.

Simple to use but burns off calories

In regards to food, cut down on carbohydrates and load up on wholemeal products like wholemeal bread and wholemeal biscuits or even wholemeal cereal. Complex carbohydrates contain sugar and sugar is harder to break down in our bodies and will most likely store as fats. So go easy with white rice and white bread. If you can't live without rice, being Asians, cut down on the intake and if possible, replace some with brown rice. Eat more greens like salads and have fruits.

Oh, and even if you think you don't put on weight easily so it's okay to indulge on hawker food, don't be fooled by it. Why? Like I said, they may taste nice but if you look at the whole cooking process, you may rethink about eating them again. Many of them couldn't care less because what matters is that their food taste good and they make the moolah. But these very food can be detrimental to your health.

So yes again, I emphasize, if you are happy the way you are, that's good. I just think that you may want to reconsider your unhealthy diet and replace it with better food choices and include physical exercise. Get out of your comfort zone. May be hard at first but I guarantee you, that you will be much happier than you are before :)

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