Anticipation to Nothing

Argh! I thought I would be getting my elections allowance this coming payday on Wednesday but after looking at my payslip, looks like I won't! No fair. The elections was in late August :( I was looking forward to it because I wanted to stash some money for emergency. Looks like I can't. After getting the maintenance allowance last Saturday, I got some clothes. They are heavily discounted and some are pre loved that I just bought over the internet.  I don't know how they are going to be like since I didn't really get to see the clothes for myself but oh well, they're like $5 to $8 each. I normally get clothes when the allowance is in because my current pay is pathetic enough to not be able to support my family, let alone buying clothes for myself. I do make exceptions like allowing myself to buy one or two depending on whether they are heavily discounted.

During such hardship period, some people helped me get through them and I am thankful for them. But I have to pay my dues to them as well which means cutting down on my expenses. I was depending on the elections allowance to buy me some clothes from the recently opened H&M in Singapore but looks like I have to further push back again. Argh!

I know a lot of people saying that H&M in Singapore is overrated. My friend was like saying that H&M in UK is like the This Fashion in Singapore. Well to me, if you like the clothes and the clothes make you happy, doesn't really matter if it is cheap as long as you know how to rock the outfit. I wouldn't mind getting at least one top which I saw a few that I think are pretty decent and costs below $20. But I'm in no hurry to get them I guess. The shop will always be there.

Yes I know I'm contradicting myself when I said I wanted to stash some money for emergency and what has H&M got to do with it? I'm a pretty easily contented person so getting just one will be good enough for me. I actually do own one apparently : / How come? I actually bought a pink shirt from the Geylang bazaar and when I wanted to wear it, I saw the H&M tag. Dunno if it's for real because it costs me like what...$3?!

Luckily after paying my overdue bills, buying clothes (including a $25 cargo skirt from marks & spencer), groceries and yes, that Maybelline mineral two way foundation, I still have some money left. I guess I have no choice but to use that as emergency money instead. Better than nothing right? I still won't get me some new stuffs after this mini shopping spree. Will use it purely for the family.

I think there is one stuff that I wanna get. An eyelash curler. Mine is like rusty already. I am going to buy one from watson's that is around $7. I hardly use it as I just use the mascara like that. But the one that my friends bought as a birthday gift need to be used with a curler as the impact isn't really there. I am writing that in my diary lest I forget and end up buying other stuffs instead, hrm..

So anyway, that is my rant as I am so disappointed that I ain't going to get the elections allowance yet. I thought that it will also cover part of my loan from friends but looks like I have to figure some way out. The least I could do is to further slash my expenses..sigh. What to do. I don't want to be so poor and the only way to survive is to basically know what you are spending on and know what you should NOT be spending on.

Oh well. Have to wait until November then. So long....

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