Hoping for a Small Miracle

I am going to change the blog directions a bit to make it more personal but there is only so much of my life to blog because I'm not the life of the party sort. I am the 'woe is my life' sort..haha.

Nevertheless, I will also write articles that will interest and motivate you because being a single young woman is not easy. While there are a lot of misconceptions that we single girls have it easy compared to married women, to me life in general isn't easy. 

Anyway, I did something that..well, I won't say I'm not proud of, but I'm hoping to get something in return. If it is approved, I will expect to get quite a tidy sum that will help me out in times of need. Sure, I did entertain thoughts that if my reimbursement claim get approved, I would like to buy $100 of MAC products. But it wouldn't be appropriate. I will just use the money to pay off the money I owed people during my financial crisis and also to pay off my credit card debts.

Only thing is, I used an unofficial receipt to claim and that it is the largest amount claimed so far. So I don't know if they will actually allow so I'm just crossing my fingers. As you know, my financial states hit an all time low this  year namely because of inflation and not because of how I spend. I've known to struggle in the past but I've never struggled this much before.

If they begin to query and ask a lot of things like extra documents, then I would have to drop this claim. But in the first place, as long as I produce a valid receipt, despite the amount, I feel that they should go ahead and process it. You know why? Because it is NOT their money. It is my late father's money meant to help the family. 

So we shall see how. I don't want to count on it too much though I am seriously hoping that it will go through just like my other previous claims. All I can say that this amount will come in handy for me and my family.

God bless my family with the help of this small miracle.

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