Bad Beginning to October

I'm glad people are coming here to visit my blog and they leave nice comments. A shout out to you! :)

Anyway, I can tell you another thing though. The beginning of October hasn't been good. And to think that it happened at the stroke of midnight. How ironic. Can it be more subtle than that? So what the heck happened.

Every quarter of the year, my family is supposed to get maintenance allowance from the public trustee with the money held in trust by them. Before I go any further, if you live in Singapore, I seriously suggest you consider submitting the nomination forms. If not, the government will hold the money especially if you have children below the age of 21. That's how the world works sometimes. When it comes to payouts, they take their own sweet time to process or 'system error' occurs and when you are the one paying, they keep haunting you to pay up or they will unleash legal fees.

This is so stupid. Moving on...

So we were supposed to get the allowance by the end of last month. You have no idea how long and anxious we waited for the money and then when time to withdraw, na-da! Zilch! My mother was getting overly anxious already and we were practically broke. I said I would try to solve the problem in the morning. Call and call and call, couldn't get through the bloody line! Emailed, no answer. Then last solution? Go down to the place all the way at maxwell road. On a freaking rainy Saturday morn! But what can I do? My family depends on the allowance. The worst thing was that, it's the weekend and we need the moolah and I had plans to go out as well.

I was like totally numb as I didn't know what to do. The only option is for me to borrow money and while my aunt didn't respond, which totally bugged me coz she just didn't reply to me at all until now, my friend did and I am so thankful for their help.

When I went down to the place, which was on top of a hill and quite a distance to walk (and apparently I didn't eat a single thing in the morn), lucky for me there was nobody at the counter and then after a short inquiry, apparently the person manning the counter at that time was the same person whom I had been emailing to for reimbursements and such. I think my email sounded desperate enough, so desperate I travelled the distance to go down and ask what happened, that she said she wanted to respond but there was no one else around to check.

Anyway, she was going to do a manual entry instead as she didn't know yet what happened and why the system wasn't auto. In short conclusion, I think it's pretty stupid. So if I had kept quiet, they wouldn't have detected an error in the system? I know such computer systems aren't perfect but then you know, people depend on such allowance. I don't think they should allow such errors to pass through. 

So I just told her to email or call me for updates which she did later on after she found out what truly happened. I guess next time, the minute on the last day of the month, when the money didn't go through, I shall call and email IMMEDIATELY, just like I did to her. And guess what time?! 1 am in the morn. Of course I didn't expect immediate reply, but you know, get the frustration out.

You have no idea how numb my mind was throughout the episode. Even though I had yet to get the allowance, which I am hoping to get either tomorrow or LATEST Wednesday, I hope to get it soon. Simply because I don't have anywhere to turn to. My friend was kind enough to loan me even though she is short of cash herself. But I can't thank them enough. So while my aunt chose to be MIA, coz we believe she is still furious with us for not letting her family stay at our house, I just didn't think she would do such a thing. Even if she doesn't have money, then can at least inform me? I didn't even ask straight up how much I need. I just asked if she could spare me some cash. How can she bail out on me like that?

But you know what? That is human nature. To me, the line between friends and family is blurry. Doesn't mean that you come from the same extended family, share the same family traits or whatsoever, they will help you. It doesn't matter anymore. If people are sincere in helping you, they will. They don't see your skin colour, your wealth status or your religion. They just see you as genuinely in need of help, and within their capabilities, they will help you. Trust me, such people are hard to come by.

I hope to put this episode behind me. I trust in God that during crisis like this, He will help us and He did. I hope there is no more screw up this week. I need the money to clear some outstanding bills. What a way to start the month.

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