PK's Birthday Bash 2011

Honestly, I hardly watch movies in the movie theatres. But it doesn't mean that I am no movie watcher. I not so interested in them since their ticket prices are such killers nowadays especially on weekends. But my good friends organized a movie showing and I think it was pretty swell that we watched Johnny English Reborn coz it was fantastico! While I had a bad start to the month, at least I get to laugh out loud at his antics. Gosh he is such a moron! But in a cute and lovable way. I don't want to give away any spoilers but after we left the theatres, we would never see a old lady the same way again! She could be an assassin for all you know!

They also treated me out at Swenson's. Actually I was supposed to pay my share as well, except for the movie ticket, but due to my family crisis, they treated me there as well. How sweet :) Like I said, I can NEVER thank them enough. I got a surprise ice cream treat, complete with a candle. My wish? That I remain good friends with them because such friends are hard to come by. We were joking about what kind of children we will have. And then amidst our busy family schedules, we will still find time to be there for one another, babies and children in tow, haha. Husbands are optional. Best left at home.

Anyway, here are some shots before my borrowed digital camera went kaput.

By the way, I love my gifts this year. Even more surprising, I got it from two people whom I've never received gifts from. One of them was from the IT guy. I suppose I am the only one there he ever bought a gift for? Wow, me is so touched, haha.

So now we are all officially in our 30s. Here's to another decade of friendship!

By the way, you're wondering who is PK right? PK is my nickname for like ten years now? It is the abbreviated version of Payu Kayu. You do not want to know what they mean. So they either call me PK or one of my friends, call me Payu as well.

Just a small trivial fact about me! haha, as if you wanna know. Thank you girls for cheering me up. Like I told you all, you are besties for a reason. Simply because you are the best.

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