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I've been sick the last few days. Now I'm over the aching part of fever (gawd, it was terrible) and I can go do about my other stuffs except that my energy level is not exactly at optimum speed , like as if it is on other days. But basically you know the deal with illness. You are just not up to speed. 

Anyway, it is almost the ending of October (yezza!) and I know this has just been one of the worst years of my life and I don't know whether in November, it is going to be any better. I am still holding on to my fate as I wait with bated breath on whether they will approve and reimburse my claims for June. I need the money. Please God make it happen.

So how did I spend my sick days? Well, when everything is so uncomfy like sitting down & lying down, a little bit of entertainment wouldn't kill except there wasn't much to see. But instead, I saw myself watching a few made in the early 80's and 90's movies. How come? I don't know. I just happen to stumble on to them and I er, watch them. They were pretty interesting, sad yet insightful.

If you follow my blog, you would by now know that I am not in favour of current movies as in those big blockbusters. And the remakes of good ol' favourites, like come on...they're not even half as good. But yes I do give in sometimes like I don't think that remakes are terrible. If done well, they can really stand out. It depends on the creativity of the screenwriters, directors and what have they. Oh, and hot actors. Yes, the hotter the better. Shallow me.

I got no actual preference in movies but definitely not horror. Believe it or not, I grew up on horror movies. I had no idea how it all started but let me tell you, they were much scarier back then. The Exorcist, anyone? So you get the drift. They will practically haunt you even after the movies.

Therefore now, horror movies are like uhm, nothing but cheap audio tactics, scare tactics and big boobs. Oh, and gore. Seriously those young women victims ain't wearing a bra. Plus the camera guys just had to zoom on those boobs. When I was watching Scream, I still remembered her boobs right smack at the middle of the screen and until now, I envisioned it. Shivers.

Some mainstream movies that in my opinion are simply good..

Okay sorry not much there, haha..coz for the life of me, I can't remember much. Nowadays, I much prefer indie movies as long as they're good and worth watching.

These movies also taught me much about love and life. 

Yesterday I watched a movie which actually starred a few big names who were relatively unknown back then (Oh the movies they acted in to get a name) and I think that they would probably squirm if these movie names were mentioned to them. One of the few lines were such gems. 

I think it was something in the line of you waited for me but you didn't wait long enough for me to know how much I loved you. I have loved you and still loves you and even if it takes me a long time, I will wait for you.

And they got back together! All together now...awwwwww!!!

One of my favourite Indie movies is..Shelter.

It has gay content but not much so if you are squirmish about such things (read: homophobic..shame on you) then I know for sure you won't check this movie out. But if you are up for it, you can find movie parts in you tube if you can search for them. It is one of those soul searching movies where the lead was caught up between chasing his dream of entering this art school which he actually gave up the scholarship just so that he can take care of his family and especially his nephew because of his couldn't-care-less sister. But he met Shawn, the brother of his best friend who had returned after suffering a writer's block and the two of them bond over surfing. But he was very encouraging and relentlessly made him chase his dream even making them fall out for awhile and I shall not spoil it for you.

I basically watch anything as long as they're good. Sometimes half way through they bore me so I switched off. Another Indie movie which I think was so so sad at one point towards the ending that I practically bawled was this movie called The Trip. 

Oh back to the movies I watched when I was sick. One of the movies was pretty sad too regarding the AIDs epidemic where back then AIDs was relatively unheard of and the disease was associated with cancer due to similar symptoms. People scoffed it off thinking that it will not happen to them and that they were not willing to give up their lifestyle of free sex, booze and drugs just because of this so called life threatening disease the media made it out to be because they thought it won't happen to them.

Unfortunately, that small circle of friends just got smaller and smaller due to that same disease.

It was sad yet touching at the same time how AIDs can ravage someone so badly that the best way to be rid of this disease is not to eat the plethora of medicine but to basically 'let go' which means not holding on to life and succumbing to death. Sad, extremely sad. But up till now, AIDs has no cure but what the doctors and researchers have come up with are better drugs to help those living with AIDs or are HIV positive to live longer but ultimately, it still depends on one's immune system.

Oh, and at one point of time too, I also LOVE watching comic book heroes turn into movie screen. Now, they're doing this whole superhero thing again but they're just not good enough. Why won't Hollywood learn. Perhaps one comic book hero to look out for in future is The Dark Knight Rises which also has Joseph Gordon-Levitt (fantastic actor!) as one of the actors. Surely to look out for. 

Currently I am downloading a movie and it's a pretty fun movie yet romantic at the same time on how one thinks that one has reached the age where he isn't attractive anymore. But he's charming except all he really wants is for someone to love him for who he is. 

Don't we all want a happy ending in our love story. Big Sigh.

So that's me..the non movie buff..but more like anything to watch as long as it kills time, haha. And I still can't believe Justin Timberlake is an...action hero?! Oh what in the world. I'll stick to my own brand of movies :)

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