Monday, May 05, 2008

Van and his friend

Ladies and gentlemen, you have just been shocked by the earlier horror trailer and sorry if I didnt warn you earlier about the screams..heh.

Anyway, it's not that Im suddenly into horror genres...I just wanted you to see this guy:

Tyler Hanes

There is a rumour floating around the Internet and 'someone' apparently got wind of it and I dont quite agree with the way this person is handling it for the sake of increasing traffic to his website. Unfortunately, I am one of the occasional contributors..hrm..

Now now people..doesnt mean that one person is often seen together with another person of the same gender...they're If that's the case, where's the beauty of friendship?

Then again, if it's the truth, I dont baulk at it either. Especially if they're equally hot...coz you know how I am with such guys...irregardless of their sexual orientation.

Well, if you see one of them as familiar, he used to frequent my in...I blogged about him quite often in the past as he is one of the actors of some daytime show.

Nice shirt boys..and Tyler,

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