Friday, May 02, 2008

Blogging Foul Mood

Stupid exams period now. It's nearly 1am in the morning and im still tutoring my very lazy brother in Maths, specifically algebra and factorisation. Im quite okay with algebra, for now, but I HATE factorisation. I dunno...coz i think the thing is freaking complicated and requires to 'see' what are the common factors and seriously, I dont have an 'eye' for the common things. That also explains why Im not really into the common guys on the street..heh..

I feel like a naggy mum of a high school boy who cant seem to get past his computer and his tech freaking toys which just happen to not be in a good mood today, thus triggering a foul mood in him. Gawd I hate feeling mumsy when I should be a swinging single going on date after date .But no, I have family commitments.

I also feel like a number one slob and if there is ever a guy who asks me what are some of my best qualities, err..I guess I can say that being a slob is one of them. You see, Im the type who does not quite fall in between to balance things up. It's either Im very sloppy or very neat. Example. My computer table at home. Sloppy. My computer table at work. Neat. Infact, the only decorative piece I have is a photoframe, dolled up by mariah and then adorned with a picture of Ronnie on this spinning thing with a killer suit up pose. I used to have this imagination thing going on back to when I was working in my last two company where I told myself that if I had my own table, it would be personalised like no one's businedd. Although it used to suck that I had to share a freaking table with one or two other people and that where I sat was not normally fixed, I still had some space to decorate. It was quite fun putting up some pictures but it was quite hell when I had to change table and there goes my decor.

So now, to cut the chase, rahayu shall go 'commando'..meaning..bare table..heh. Well, not exactly bare, since to me the second most important thing, besides the computer with internet access sitting pretty on my table, is my food supply and my two cups. Yes, I need to survive.

Talking about food, Im on a mission now..which I think would somehow fall through and I have to restart again eventually. Nope..not going to say, what the heck my mission is because it will generate tonnes of laughter. Deadline? My birthday. I can tell you though it's not going to be easy and it has always been like that. But it's okay, I can do it. I CAN DO IT!!

So 'barely there' blogging. Okay! Okay! I shall try to find my blogging mood somewhere..out there...

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