Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cheating...good or bad?

If there is one thing I dont understand is why 'cheating' on your loved one is considered an act that is forgiveable. Okay fine, we all should learn to forgive and forget but when movies or dramas make cheating as something fine and dandy, what are they trying to drive at?

I watched two unrelated shows which portrayed about couples cheating each other. Basically, the reasons were quite different. One did it because he wanted to get back at his partner because well, it's a case of 'if you can do it, so can I!' Yes, we're talking about grown adults here. For the other couple, the guy made out with a new girl on campus because he wanted some 'excitement' in his otherwise boring sex life as his girlfriend was not spending that much time with him.

I dont know about you all but I just think cheating is not right. Hey, people get hurt in the process but I think what is more important is the underlying problem on why couples cheat each other.

So while it is easy to throw in the towel, if you two really love each other, to cheat is to show to the other partner that hey, we have a problem in our relationship. Of course, the best way is through communication without resorting to the extreme. But if someone is 'presented' to you in a seductive manner and here you are, feeling so boxed in your relationship, how far you are you willing to go?

Sure the two couples I mentioned earlier forgive each other and see their so called escapades as a thing of the past. But it is a painful memory alright. If you really love your guy or your gal, you wont resort to such cheap tactic. It can be a thing of the past but scars are hard to heal and can be etched in the memory forever.

So think about it before you put yourself in such extreme situations.

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