Sunday, May 04, 2008

May Day

Okay..before I start blogging...Happy New Month of May!! Isn't it fantastically wonderful? So sue me if i look forward to a new start of the week or a new start of the month.

Nothing new in my life. My mum is as angry as ever to my father with his non-working status and how he's living off me and my mum now. She keeps bringing the same old topics up about how she regrets getting married and how his family screwed up by not telling her that my father just loves sleeping and isnt much help round the house. So she's bitter and at times, takes it out on me and my brother with her screaming fits and swearing.

Of course I do hope one day she stops all this nonsense but who am I to say? My mum is so stubborn and always thinks she's right and everyone else is wrong that I have given up long ago at hoping that she will change one day.

Well, that aside, last Tuesday, got some moolah from the government. Though a lot of grouches had been heard that it's a pathetic small amount (I got $150), to me, heck if it's money, it's money and I truly appreciate it. So for a few days, my 'whatever is left of my savings' is kept off the hook when it comes to spending on the family and my needs (which by the way, does NOT include any new purchases I can use or wear..*sucks*) but does a black pen count? Well, from that amount too, me and Mariah managed to do an escapade to Seoul Garden and we ate till we can eat no more. Oh by the way, in the first time of the history of my Seoul Garden, I made my own concoction of a healthier low fat version of jelly cocktail. Why low fat? Coz I was frakkin' stingy with the condensed milk and it contained no brown sugar. Instead, it was loaded with fruit coctails and I added a tinge of red syrup for some colour. Mariah refused to eat it coz she felt she was not superior enough to eat such sweet..sweet..delicious..concoction. It's okay woman..I understand.

Work wise, it's been quite okay and has officially worked for the school for two months. Yet, last Friday my mind was only half working (why wouldnt it..coz the day before was a public holiday and lo and behold...had to come back to to work the next day..on a FRIDAY!) so I wasnt thinking that much on what I should do when faced with some things at work. I was doing basically data entry which took me almost a whole day and my colleague gave me a cold shoulder when I asked her something about the school email inbox which I now have to maintain. Tsk..remind me to ONLY talk to her when necessary. That cold shoulder was she was irritated with me or something even though I merely asked a simple question.

Like I said, whatever, even though I had already promised myself to only talk to her when necessary and the question I asked her WAS necesary. I think I got the hint that she thinks Im too dependent which is not true coz I bloody am still learning so there are A LOT OF THINGS Im not sure of which I tried to refrain not to ask them too much coz I know they are busy with their own things as well. But if I dont ask and just follow my own lead, it will not be good on me either coz I will have a higher tendency of making mistakes. Catch my drift?

Anyway, I dont expect to perfectly get along well with everybody and Im not someone who is like her that tries to get herself into other guys' pants into other people's good books with her childish mannerisms. I dont know whether other people observe it, but based on MY observations, I think they are cringing inside their hearts.

Speaking of cringing, do you know how expensive groceries are nowadays? Goodness! And u know what else is bad? Food costs a little bit more expensive like for example, a bowl of mee now costs about $3.30 to $3.50 instead of the previous $3 and if you think, you're getting more share with the price hike, nOooooOoo....they scrimp on the food so you will actually pay more..for less! How fantastic!

That reminds me, because of things like this, I can put up with the antics of my colleague as it no longer involves me travelling outside for work. Yes, rahayu will sit quietly behind her bare desk and be happy that she hardly spends exorbitantly on lunch nowadays. Oh, by the way, my ex colleague called a few days ago and we had a good chat. Or rather she had a good chat with me coz she was doing most of the talking as I was sitting on my bus from Sengkang all the way to my place in Hougang and it's quite a wonder how in such a short period of time, so many changes took place in terms of staff movement. Some left, some old timers joined back and some of the nurses that were with us last year for attachment, joined this company.

But you know what. Changes are good as it keeps you on your toes and one of my latest changes is to maintain an organizer and this time, seriously maintain it. In just one quarter of the year, I changed diary at least 3 times because I was never satisfied with it and in the end, settled with this one clunky looking black organiser which has been adorned with post its.

Anyhoo, entertainment news (no Ronnie didnt make a comeback) and Mariah have been keeping ourselves entertained on the net. While she's on a movie spree from a tip I gave her as to where to watch free movies online..heh....Im on a roll for watching US based TV shows as I have blogged earlier. Just put it down as me having a shorter attention span than her so I would rather watch a full episode of Greek, Reaper or CSI:Miami than watching a movie but of course, there are 2 movies that I want to catch, Iron Man and the second instalment of Harold and Kumar.

Yes, Reaper is a very good supernatural drama comedy and it's hilarious how Sam and his friends tried to tackle the escaped souls that came back to earth to finish off the last job they did before they died. And most times, these 'jobs' are somewhat the types that will kill innocent people like dying from electrocution or arson and when they came back, they would be stronger as they would acquire supernatural powers and these powers are a reflection of their last bad deed.

Here are some pictures from the tv show Reaper:

Here is Sam and the always well dressed Devil whom he is working for as a bounty hunter or 'reaper'

the opening sequence...

Sam and his two buddies, Sock and Ben, and they were dressed in rubber as they were facing a demon who had the power to control lightning. Sock quipped in the car 'I feel like a giant condom'...

My brother is also hooked in this show and he says he will also catch it if he comes back from school because he thinks it is safe to watch because there is 'no sex'...unlike Ugly Betty.

Yes, my brother the angel. Not.

I would say it's better than watching Greek though Im halfway through watching Season 1 and I actually rewatched episode 8 coz i think it's one of my favourite episodes. Plus, Heath, a recurring character on the show as one of the fratboys in the 'always partying' Kappa Tau fraternity, is pretty cute with his dimples as he smiles. I find him better looking than one of the male leads but his character is often in the background but given his looks..heh...I think thats why the show creator or director decided to give him a mini storyline after all? It's the dimples, I say..

Zack Lively as Heath

I feel like Im really turning into a paedophile..what with me going after younger guys (Ronnie included..) and this guy? He's 20! See where Im heading?!

Still, I love me guys.

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