Monday, May 26, 2008

Pushing on my Button

I am blogging using my laptop and it's not an easy task because of the lines that cut across the screen. See this is why I am pretty much against laptops. It's pretty high maintenance coz for gawd's sake, the thing's all compact!!

Well work's okay today (surprisingly) and there were some new teachers that arrived. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of tables for the teacher and well...they had to make do with the tables of those teachers who are on long leave. Suddenly my table seems very the comforting.....right after I cleared the clutter on my table that accumulated because I was collecting forms for various reasons. Basically, they now take up the space underneath my table..pfft. What to do..Im the 'designated' form collector.

Not much to ramble today but if you notice, there are some changes to my blog. No, basically the content's still rubbish which to me is basically better than nothing. Try to keep a lookout for the sidebar because there are updates. And......*drumsroll*...I added web buttons. Okay I added a few other things but hey, I put in effort to make these web buttons, k? Not like anyone would use them but you will never know right? And oh, another new addition is the 'Hot Link' named for obvious reasons. If you're into hunks, specificially caucasian hunk, should seriously click on the link!! Fuwah.eyecandy all the way babe! And it will change every day I think to reflect the (in loud voice) ''HUNK OF THE DAY!!!!' See, I didnt even profile my own friend mariah's blog but yet I profiled this hunk galore and the link button is so big some more..

I mean seriously, it's not that I dont wish you to read her blog but it's just that I have been sworn to secrecy not to reveal her blog add and woman..ur wish is my command. Oh, and I dont have enough space for other blog links..yes, me and my excuses.

So once I manage to snatch the computer from my brother so that I dont have to suffer a migraine later from all the visual lines on my laptop, I shall update my blog again.

For now, happy adding those web buttons!

And oh, pay a visit to hunk du jour!

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