Right now Im seriously contemplating on whether I want to eat that one ball of chicken wrap on a stick. I ate one earlier just now, and now left two, and it used to be one of my top favourite snacks two years ago. I was surprised the price didnt change compared to the rest of the products sold at Old Chang Kee. Like what, it's not popular enough? Nice what! It's also nice to revisit good times in the past when I used to eat these things when I dropped by the mall after work.

Yes, these balls (no pun intended) are damn oily especially when the chicken is 'wrapped' in beancurd skin which will contain the oil..and yes I'll stop my health prep talk now. But heck, unlike some dietician who apparently swears off any form of deep fried food (which she said she didnt care even if the oil is healthy such as olive oil), Im quite okay with it though yes, I do cringe at the sight of oil laden malay dishes. Hey, we have such things as 'once in awhile' okay? And this very same dietician, who is making a name for herself on a certain channel, is a chocoholic. What, chocolates can, deep fry food cannot?

Some people are seriously confused.

Anyway, at work, we are down with staff at the admin office because two of the officers have gone on a one week study leave. Okay, technically two weeks for one of them..but this week, two of them go simultaneously on leave.

No, they're not having a scandal...though I may not be surprised if they do.

So Im left with the taking over some of her duties and one of the things, I dislike doing in the office is dealing with piles of paper because *ow* papercut. I think I can say that I have numerous small cuts on my dainty fingers (ok more like 'cant fit a ring' chubby fingers) as a result of this. Haiz..the hazards of my work.

Now, while my friend Mariah is being all trigger happy with her new toy boy, aka Nikon SLR camera, Im being all trigger happy with labelling stuff on my blog posts. Notice how this is just going to be a passing fad only in rahayu's life.

I have created another category called 'single life'. Basically, they are the exact entries as the one on my friendster's unofficial single blog but hey, not everyone is into friendsters..let alone my profile on friendster. Then again, so is my blog at blogger..hrm.

Okay, Im not going to copy and paste every single entry there but basically, just the two most recent ones coz, well, I wrote them earlier. This is going to be pretty fun because suddenly I have ideas in my head as to what I want to blog about. Just now I chanced upon a blog and it was interesting in how he organized his various categories of labels. While I used words, he used pictures to signify the different categories.


Of course I can do the next best thing to make small pictures of myself looking good..which isnt so hard..coz..pft...I believe every single one of my picture is. But it's definitely a thought.

Oh yah, since we're on the topics of blogs, there were several featured blogs in Digital life about how they actually made money out of advertisers. Basically, these blogs have high viewerships so it makes sense to advertise. But one of the blogs was so 'infested' with blog ads and annoying pop ups..that I was there in less than five minutes. Sometimes, too much of something can be quite an overkill. It takes away the main thing which is your content.

I would say that it is a good looking website and before I came across it in the paper, I did visit the blog before yonks ago. But I think I had the same problem as I did earlier..or maybe even worse.

Now I refuse to put up her link here because duh..she's already making money and Im not going to add more to her revenue. Plus her contents are quite bleh...because like I said, I think she has become pretty obssessed into making her blog a money making mechanism.

I would say that it's the plight of Singaporean bloggers. Well, the only thing I can say is, there is always the 'kiasu' trait. People give 100%..I give 110%. *yawns*

Well, Im contented with whatever viewership I have (hey, zero is still a number okay..) because I stay true to the blogging spirit. Now on to more labelling.


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