Tuesday, May 20, 2008

No Garfield

I came to know of this website through a pop culture blog and I thought it's really interesting because of the way it puts across the fact that well, sometimes, we're better off without a sarcastic cat who does nothing but laze around and eat all day long.

Yes, we're talking about Garfield but! This isn't about Garfield but it's about its owner, Jon Arbuckle, which you know is the sore loser who is dealing with loneliness and how that can be very scary and unfortunately, a true reflection of so many American guys like him.

So this is Garfield comics without Garfield and how is that possible? Well, the one who maintained the site is an artist, as well as someone who has so much time in his hands to 'photoshop' Garfield out of the comics.

Highly recommended for you to browse through.

Garfield minus Garfield

ps: this is a start of a new feature in my newly organized blog as promised! It will be categorized under the label 'Featured Blogs/Websites' or at least until I can find a better name for it.

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