My First Ever Trip to Batam, Indonesia


I am back!! I've never seen so busy during the Christmas period running my online shop, on top of juggling with my studies because apparently, they want us to sit for two tests just before they let us go for our two week break. But in between, I managed a very quick getaway, well technically, it was with my colleagues for our annual staff retreat. This time, I ventured to somewhere that is not in Malaysia. 

I went to Batam. I know you're thinking like almost every Singaporean shopping kaki has gone there but you see, I lead a protected life under the care of my mother who watches the news and get the impression that we live in a very dangerous world. Actually, she's partly right but we just need to be more vigilant. So you can imagine I faced such great resistance but somehow, she managed to come around it and let me go, provided I stay within the company of people, and not venture out myself. Like I would coz I'm a scaredy cat myself.

Again, it made me feel glad that I was born and bred in Singapore, no matter how much complains we have and stuffs, there are just some things we are light years ahead being a small yet efficient country. 

Food wise, the seafood dinner was okay but I didn't like the lunch at all. It was tasteless and when we walked by the kitchen as the toilets were nearby, it was filthy. Speaking of filthy, do you know how they discard the remaining food? We were actually in the middle of a man made lake in a hut so we are surrounded by water, and apparent HUGE fishes. Because they simply discarded those food, bones and all, right into the water and then gobbled immediately by those fishes. It was shocking, coz firstly due to the sizes, and then secondly, it wasn't very nice and unhygienic. Also, those food were not meant for fish.

I didn't buy many things although we did buy the kuih lapis, which was a layered cake, and very popular in Batam and after buying them, I realized why. It was cheaper and much softer and tastier.

Other than that, I spent my hotel night studying although I end up falling asleep because I was so tired from all the walking. I had to forgo the karaoke session held in the late evening in the hotel because I had to catch up with all my notes which I had brought along during the trip.

Whichever travel destination I go to, is surely an eye opener from the people, culture and everything else. Hence, I urge you to go beyond your country and see what the world has to offer. 

And of course, be safe.

Enjoy the pics below!


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