Is Life so Perfect for Them..or Are They Just Painting a Perfect Picture

I love instagram and not that you will see me posting pictures every now and then but I'm fascinated at the beautiful pictures uploaded by people but a blog post I read earlier, struck me. Instagram isn't exactly instant anymore. They're now used as a platform to upload carefully curated  pictures taken with a DSLR camera. So people like me have been sucked in to believe that their life is basically so perfect while mine is just so awesomely....boring.

I don't really care for the number of 'hearts' I get and I still stick to the same format of taking instant photos and uploading them. I know that instagram is fast becoming a social platform for people to make money and has overtaken blogging as a form of advertorials. I do get bite sized information on new or popular make up products and even make up applications to beautiful cards and layout designs for scrapbooking and cardmaking for inspiration. I heart them like crazy and then browse through the favourites to find inspiration for my designs. Just like how the blogpost mentioned, instagram is fast becoming like pinterest showing you carefully curated pictures rather than an actual sneak peek into their lives like some pictorial diary.

At one point, I was unfollowing quite a number of people not because their pictures are no longer interesting but I don't see why I should be following them if they're not really posting pictures anymore and that well, they no longer interest me. While I also used to just follow people because they're so popular and I secretly wish my life was like that, looking oh so picture worthy, with sponsored holidays, yacht celebrations and lunch at hipster cafes and restaurants, it's just going to make me more upset that my life is more boring than it already is, haha.

But I want to be more realistic that even though my life isn't so insta-perfect like theirs, I still appreciate my life as it is. Sure, it's also not perfect but it doesn't make me less of a human being just because I don't go for lunch at these hipster places and my daily outfits are not OOTD worthy. Like, whatever. I would rather concentrate on making my life better rather than trying to mold it into a picture-worthy lifestyle. I'm also fine with not having a love life like most of these people who often display their love and affection online. I no longer feel jealous of them because I'm sure in real life, they also work very hard and they get to enjoy these perks being social media influencers. Plus it's pressurizing having to keep up with churning good quality pictures and written posts as promotional work for the companies who are paying them quite significantly.

Like what is often said, you lead your life and I lead mine. Now it's time to kick my lazy butt, get off instagram and get real, rather than wishing my life is perfect like theirs too.

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