Night Festival 2015 & National Design Centre Exhibits

I have to admit that the first day I went to the Night Festival, I wasn't in the best of mood. I was initially but I had a personal crisis and while watching one of the show, I was crying and crying. You have to see the previous posts as to why this melodramatic thing was happening. Although the episode was over, I went through hell and back at home over this issue.

So yah, it was crowded because we went on a Saturday night. But we still managed to walk rather comfortably and we had been through worse than this where we were packed like sardines in the still of the  night. The first show we watched was so ultra cool and cute to boot and I definitely was entertained, before the crying episode began. I believed it should be a crowd favourite for both young and er, not so young at heart. 

Then just nearby, there was a gig going on and I can't remember the name of the artist who hailed from Malaysia but the name did sounded familiar. We stayed for awhile to listen to him sing and he had awesome talent. He was quite a crowd pleaser and he didn't need that big band behind him but just him and his friend with the guitar.

After that, I got bored..heh, and then we walked a little bit down and found ourselves some space to watch another show opposite where we stood at the Singapore Art Museum. Okay this was where the crying episode began as I was speaking on the phone with my mum. She had this uncanny ability of asking you endless questions like a private investigator who is never satisfied with what you have to say because at the back of his mind, he distrusts you so much. That's how I felt. Whatever I said, wasn't believed at all, and to be asked repeatedly, I finally broke down because I couldn't take the pressure.

So, that much I would say, I didn't know what was going on across the road. I think it was some fire eating show or something. I would like to thank my brother for helping me at that moment by ending the call because as typical as he was for a brother, he does care for me in his own special ways. Sidetracking a bit, I mean, he is already not earning loads with his part-time job as a Coffee Bean barista but he's willing to sacrifice $200 to give to me and our mum, while my mum's friend is struggling to even get a single cent from her children because of their own personal commitments.

After calming down, we walked down the street towards SOTA and there were some displays of plant looking light displays where the volunteers loaned out some torchlights for us to shine on these 'plants'. I thought it would be cooler if the displays were to open and close like a mimosa or something but the lights were shone in order to see neon scribbling on them.

We sat down to rest although we didn't actually walk much but I was pretty exhausted mentally. Then, we were trying to figure out how to solve the problem that I was having. He was kind enough to offer some  help but we shall see how it goes. We then had our dinner at 4Fingers. Love their chicken that were coated in batter and toasted in sauce. Since the place was going to close, we took the remaining half home.

Anyway, we went a second time around and this time, it was on a Friday so the crowd wasn't so bad. There weren't much to see so we ended up going to the National Design Centre where there was some cool modern exhibits going on after watching a mini concert at the Art Museum. People were practically sitting and chatting away or lying down on the carpet that would change colours. Everytime it changed colour, people went oohs and aahs, and the kids were pretty entertained by it.

We then went inside to see some cool exhibits and they were not like your typical art displays from Singapore Art Museum. They were interesting and creative and you don't have to be some art expert to understand the meaning behind the display. I especially loved the bird cage which I defo would want as display for my wedding, IF there is ever one which I highly doubt so, lol! Oh, and the umbrella with the round bulbs which was vaguely familiar to me in a past exhibition. I think it should be from the same person because of the similarities. Job well done for these creative artists! I wish I have your skills but well, the only creative thing I do is designing handmade cards. Oh well, at least there's some form of avenue to express my creativity.

In no particular order, enjoy the pics below!!

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