Taking Credit and being Blessed with Your Looks

I'm typing this post out on my phone as my laptop has been sent for repair due to the cracked screen which technically happened a year ago but I never got round repairing it. It would cost me $400 plus but apparently the price seems to have dropped when we went there last Saturday .  Still, it's actually costly. Now you know why u delayed for so long.

But it was frustrating nevertheless to not be able see half the screen. Also the damage becomes worse as more pixels die from the cracked screen. Well, I'm not looking forward to forking out  $200 but I have to accede because my brother is willing to share the costs with me now that he's working part time. That means to say I have to work harder to earn more money to repay myself back the amount.

This week was the bomb because I earned $100 which is so rare and I'm so happy for it. I stashed it away to keep for rainy day for the next two months as I don't want to be dirt poor like last year around this time.

Again anything can happen so it's always best to stash away some cash when we can.

While I enjoy running this online shop, it can be quite sad when people want me to remove the pictures or the blog posts for whatever reason. But it's basically because they don't want to be made to feel like they didn't make it. That or they want to take credit for it.

I usually accede to their demands but it's sad because I can use them to promote my business so I gain more orders which is also a form of free advertising for me to attract potential customers. It also serves as my personal portfolio. Oh well.

But usually such requests are rare so I'm still ok with it.

Recently I watched this short video on a woman who was badly disfigured by some one who was out for revenge for turning him down. Despite the unfortunate incident that left her disfigured for life, she used it as an opportunity to help others. Initially she contemplated suicide but a kind nurse turned her towards God and she turned her life around.

We often take for granted how fortunate we are. After watching this video, I felt like I am not thankful for the way I look or towards my whole physical being.

While I appreciate the way I look, there are times I feel rather dejected. But now, more often than not, I tell myself that I should be blessed with the way I look. If people can't appreciate the same,  then too bad. I should aim to look and feel good for myself and not for others.

I'm not doing it to attract guys but it's about how I feel. Yes sometimes I do feel like if I were more attractive the gym guy wouldn't have wasted anymore time and just talk to me instead of just taking stolen glances which believe me, makes my heart skip a beat. I think that he's beginning to pay more attention to my presence but when I'm not looking or at least he thinks I'm not looking, heh.

There are so many other slim and prettier girls than me but if he chooses to focus his attention to me, I feel so honoured. I thought he wasn't at the gym today and felt a tinge of sadness but life goes on. But an hour plus later then I saw him,lol. I'm so blind. So many beefy guys around today who blocked my view of him. Thank goodness I did weights today so eventually I did see him parked right in front close to the mirror.

Still waiting for the day he talks to me or just say hi. That would be awesome.

Ok, I shall end my post here,sleep awhile and continue with my orders.

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