The Ideal Life..Does it Make us Happy?

I've been watching this indie movie (glad I haven't given up this hidden interest) and while i used to watch a lot of pardon me, crap, but I felt that maybe I should give this movie a chance. In short, if the actors hot, why not, lol!

That aside, overall the movie is sweet. There's pretty lengthy talks like some sort of advice such as you don't marry for the sake of marrying someone that you think will give you the idea of a perfect blissful marriage life, if he or she is not going to give you the happiness. Okay, it's a bit more complicated than that but he thought that by marrying her, her can finally have his own restaurant western-chinese fusion business because her father owns a successful restaurant empire where he's working as a line chef. And she simply wants companionship but they're not perfect for each other. He has someone in mind who is too self-centered and for 20 years, he was crazy over this person ever since young.

Well, both of them finally realized that they're meant for each other, and like hello, who cares what others think when what is more important is that you can choose to take action on things or choose the people that make you happy. Of course, there is ups and downs, but you are willing to face the trials and tribulations together, and that's what matters most.

That brings me. I know most ladies want to settle down and have a nice little family and I've known people who went through lengths looking for the right partner, face multiple disappointments, and finally they've found someone that brings them happiness. And I must admit when I first see their life partner or who they're about to marry, I'm like, did your standard drop or something? I mean these ladies mix around with many handsome guys that one can't help but be envious. That you just get mind blown that they choose to settle down with someone who is of average looker and can be a little on the heavier side but who end up winning their hearts. 

So like that I got no chance of getting to know that oh-so-hunky guy at gym, which I later conclude that he may possibly have a girlfiend (since every break he will be on his phone, unless he's checking stock market) coz it seems to be like a whatsapp screen. But don't care, he will remain my imaginary boyfriend, lol.

So back to the movie. Sorry, every Sunday, I often sidetracked with tales from the gym. 

At some parts, it seemed pretty preachy and I know they were friends back then but they met again after 20 years and instantly got drawn to each other, except that small incident where he got mad that his name was forgotten. After that, the attraction continued but it was like a push-and-pull effect through out and right up to the wedding, that ended with love declaration which to me, is most probably the only highlight of the movie and I loved it because I'm a sucker for romance. Well, not totally but some things just blow me off with how such simple gesture can have such great impact.

What do I learn from this then? Basically I learn that it's ok if what others perceive as the ideal life, such as having a loving husband and beautiful children, may not be up the ally of some people. I do admit about my reservations on those people who will remark with a, what? you're still single?, remarks *rolls eyes* but seriously speaking, marriage may not be for everybody. Sure we can learn to manage along the way except that I clearly know from way way back that this is not my ideal life. I don't want to make other people miserable, I don't want to be miserable too, just because everyone else around me who is married, seems to be happy and leading an ideal life. 

Again I'm saying we can only plan but only God knows what is best for us. He probably knows I don't wish to commit to a relationship, let alone marriage, but He knows I still need to be entertained by having someone to keep my mind occupied, haha..coz I still love me some hunky men especially the quiet quiet sort. Although just now, despite his quietness and non interactions with other fellow hunky men, haha, I thought he was a little haolian or show off. I mean isn't there any other t shirts besides the one that says 'Air Force'? lol...

Okay I'm talking nonsense now. 

Just to summarize everything, I have NOTHING against people with blissful married life but this movie, despite its cheesiness, taught me that that the ideal life that you have visualize in your mind, based on what you see,  may not give you the happiness that you're looking for. Just because they seem to be happy. Bless them for finally getting the happiness after going through many disappointments. To me ultimately, is whether you're happy with yourself, with the situation you are in, and if you are not, what are the next few steps that you should take to ensure that you won't always lead a miserable life. If you think that by having someone else to complete your life, is a sure fire route to happiness, then maybe you should take a look within yourself to find out what makes you unhappy right now. 

All the best and for those of you still looking for love, don't give up :) but meanwhile, let us continue to keep ourselves occupied by being in the moment rather than always thinking about how others seem to lead a perfect ideal domestic life.

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