Race to Weekend cum Birthday Celebration with F1 2015

My last birthday celebration on Friday was so unique because for the first time, I got to go to the F1 Grand Prix or the Night Race 2015. 


We would have gone earlier but it's always the case of not having enough moolah even though come to think of it, for the price we paid for the cheapest ticket, it would have been worth it. But with my brother's persuasion, since he would be paying for his own since he's earning his own moolah now from his part-time job, there was no way he could give up this chance. And so I did and it was such a thrilling experience :)

It wasn't the actual match but rather, the practice run and yet, we enjoyed every single moment of it. Of course it was later quite tiring because we were often walking around in the enclosed areas and even though we didn't catch many acts in between as we got hungry and went out..hehe, the best part was catching Pharrell Willliams live. Yes, THE Pharrell and he was so energetic on the stage and so kind to let lucky audience members join the stage with the young men, young ladies and even children. 

So how was the race? Gosh, they were so fast! Catching them on pictures were a challenge. Hence, why you would only see blurry pictures or the tail of the car way way way up the track. I was always wondering how the heck they maneuver the tight spaces after speeding and then breaking in time to negotiate the turns. Hence why there were experts, lol. Oh, if you didn't know, someone ventured out into the tracks where the cars were zooming and it took the racer, who eventually won the race, to spot the intruder. I saw many marshalls and security people and yet, one guy managed to stroll in.

Go figure.

So yah, next year they would be tightening the security by having more marshalls and higher gates.

Oh yes, about the race, I was so excited about the cars zooming past us that initially I went 'wah! wah! wah!' up to a point, my brother was asking me if I was going to say that for every car that raced past.


We ended the night watching Pharrell Williams performed for an hour and a half as mentioned earlier, he was really good. We watched from quite far behind because many people were already crowded infront so we mostly watched from the giant screens. I could see him on the stage but yah, he was still too far. 

Going back, we had to brave the crowd expectedly, and I would have been lost as to where to turn and where to get our transport back home if not my brother. Trust me, I'm clueless when it comes to directions, lol! It was really hard to see because of the crowd that were going out at the same time. They actually opened up the race tracks to allow the crowds to go through and since it was the tracks, you know what would happen in the next instant. Many many selfies! Not just us, but other people as well. 

But patience was a virtue throughout our F1 walkabout going from one place to another via the MRT underpass and they actually stopped the escalators and hence there were a lot of stair climbing, which was also why we looked so tired in the picture. I believed I would have burnt my McDonald's dinner by then, haha.

Oh, SMRT and SBS Transit were kind enough to extend the timings so we managed to get a train back home which wasn't crowded at all because most people took from the City Hall MRT station. We would have hopped on that train as well but we were nearer to Clark Quay MRT station, thankfully. Of course we still had to walk some 10 to 15 minutes back home but the night was cool and we were still excited about our night :)

Enjoy the pictures below!

Our pass and lanyard is inside! Our ticket to the F1 walkabout

One of the entrances to the walkabout

A race was taking place, but not the actual race cars

This was the best picture, trust me! lol..

Someone so happy he finally went to the F1 walkabout :)

Taking a break in the Esplanade. Thank God for aircon.

Our F1 journey ends here, sweaty face and all :)


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