A Year Older..Hopefully Wiser?

So, I celebrated my birthday at the stroke of midnight with the family starting with cake cutting, which I bought it for 50% off, hehe. I never bought a cake at such a good discount especially for a 1kg cake. Usually, at most it would be 20%. And I didn't even pay for it. My mum did, knowing that I dislike buying birthday cake because it's such a waste of money, with the price tag for all the cream and fluff. 

The rest of the day went fine and me almost falling asleep at work, hehe..because it was a pretty quiet day since  there were no pupils and very few teachers around as it was PSLE listening compre. Most of the students who took the PSLE had gone home. And me doing the mundane task of processing payments, I almost fell asleep several times. 

However, I received some pressies and they're so pretty! I didn't like make it known it was my birthday or something but I felt so touched my colleagues were aware of it. The fact that I'm getting older and not younger kinda changed the direction of it where celebrations used to be a big thing when I was growing up. However to me, it still ought to be celebrated whether in small or big ways, because it means that God has given you the opportunity to see yet another wonderful year to pay it forward and make the best of life.

That day was especially sweet because I received some money from last minute orders, but nevertheless, I tried my best to do them. I was thinking maybe it was God's way of giving me some cash to help me tide through financial difficulties, if there is because I am adamant not to let last year's episode where I was totally cash strapped around this time of the year. Also, I received some birthday cash of which one was totally unexpected and kept them in the cash box, ang pow still intact. Even though I did spend some moolah for papercrafting this week, aka, my hobby and also as supplies for my current and future orders. It's sooooo difficult having to scour and make numerous decisions while in the shops because I want to make informed buying decisions to put the money that I have to good use.

I know they say that it's ok to spend on the things you really love and cut mercilessly on other things, like for me maybe money on shoes, bags, clothings and make up where generally, women my age go gaga over.  But yah, I still go to save for the future and feed my family.

I was also thinking hard about buying a new mascara, like I needed another one, lol..but yah, make up has the ability to make me feel good about myself and I don't have to put on a thick layer to boost up my confidence. Just a tinge of blush and a sweep of mascara on both eyes can have an impact on the outside and the inside. Make upis not something where I'm willing to throw quite a significant amount of money, because while I love make up, I'm not a die hard fan especially when the bigger brands do not come cheap. That is why I'm so happy I got a brand new mascara from my colleague and yah, saved me some money from buying yet another tube, haha. 

My birthday wish this year was a rather cheeky one where I wish the guy in the gym would like talk or say something to me, a brief one is also suffice, lol! Am I so desperate for his attention? Heck, no. Okay, maybe.. But at least it makes my admiration for him for the last few months, not go to waste. Again, I'm not expecting anything out of it because I'm not looking for a relationship but if I can score his friendship, OMG, to die for. 

I would say I'm wiser now because rather than just being a deer in the headlights, trying to be like everyone else, racing to find a life partner for fear of being alone in future, I still think that relationships are not for everyone and most definitely not for me. I know of people who are still single and are older than  me and yet, they're still alive and standing. Life's not over, you know.

As for the wish, it's too cliche always wishing for more money because it's not the bottomline for everything in life. The thing about money is being wiser in how you utilize it and making it grow, rather than just thinking about it. Also, I don't know why and how, everytime I wish for that, pretty soon, money runs out :s 

But seriously, all I want for this new year in my life, is to simply be wiser and kinder to people around me. We will go through hard times but we will also go through good times. I want to be able to come out stronger through those hard times and treasure those good memories. What I've been doing this past year is to print my photos and have it captured inside my album and stuffing it so much, I think I need to buy a new one, lol. 

I know too that I'm not getting any younger, looks wise, although I secretly feel like I still want to look youthful but not so youthful I look like a teen. I was griping about my hair last Sunday like how I wished it was longer like before and I totally hated how the ends curved out as it grows. This week, I don't know how but somehow my hair looked better (I guess it heard me complaining, lol!) and my skin looks brighter even though I didn't change my skincare routine. But as long as I strive to be happy in life, take good care of my skin, maintain a healthy lifestyle, the youthfulness is a given. I hope.

Oh yes, how did I end off my birthday celebrations? By watching Pharrell Williams perform live! Whoo-hoo!! More on that in the next post :)

Meanwhile, here's me with my birthday cake and some pressies. Yay!

Me and 50% birthday cake

Ang Pao or Red Packet $$$

Birthday Pressies

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