Monday, September 21, 2015

A Day at Macritchie Reservoir & ALIVE Museum

This is a looooong overdue post and I'm so freaking lazy to update it because there were so many photos taken and editing would be a b*tch. The thing is, I don't really fancy taking a lot of pictures and one of the top reason is because of that, lol! But I wasn't the one taking these photos. It's just my boss was so trigger happy that day :s and me and my other colleague literally had no chance to run away and if we ever did, we would be called back. The things we do.

It was Youth Day and unlike other youths who were having a whale of a time not being in school, this year we had our EAS day and the other schools in the same cluster would go for a learning journey. First up, we would take a walk at Macritichie Reservoir (Seriously don't know how to spell that)  and I had a really pleasant walk on this boardwalk. Seriously, the place had changed so much that I actually wouldn't mind visiting it. Coz the last time I went there, it was nothing but traumatic because I had to run the cross country and OMGEEE, I never suffered so much in life! At least physically.

Anyway, at first it was just mainly phototaking with the group members whom I don't know a single one of them. But yah, we talked a bit. But then it was just me and my music walking on the boardwalk followed by the nature trail. 

We ended much earlier than expected but had to wait awhile for the lunch to arrive. So we sat down in the shelter and I talked with my colleague and another colleague from another school, talking about the elections and how she would be doing her duty for the first time. At that point of time, we didn't know when the elections would be around but it was definitely coming. Update, it is over and I was again involved, and would spare that for another post. Gosh, so much to write, lol!

It was a very relaxing walk in the nature, and of course, I was a wee bit scared because I didn't want any snakes or monkeys to pop up from nowhere. It was by no means, a straight terrain, with its natural bumps and ridges, it really was quite a work out. Yes, I do want to come back again.

After being under the blistering sun, we took a bus ride to Suntec City and proceeded to the Alive Museum. I came out barely alive, thanks to the shutterbug aka my boss :s I would say that it was fun taking those photos and my body had to contort to different positions and for the life of me, I cannot be in character. 

How can I still be smiley when I'm about to be eaten by a crocodile? Hrm?!

It got pretty boring half way but seeing my other colleague who was so much older than me having fun and being in character (unlike me...) and so sporting, I just had to keep up with her spirits.

After that, we chilled out at Coffee Bean nearby and I treated her coz I had extra moolah that month since it was also THE bonus month. It was just a pat on the back that we were finally FREEEE from the clutches of our boss.

This would be a photo heavy post but enjoy the pictures below!

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