Saturday, September 12, 2015

Birthday Celebration & Dealing with Life's Woes

We celebrated a friend's birthday last month and I meant to do a blog post but recently, I've been so in a chillax mood that well, now I'm writing, lol! But yah, this is going to be more than just a birthday post. 

We made it a tradition to celebrate our birthday together as we grow older, we don't really go for big celebrations, just a mini eat-at-roti-prata shop also can, type of celebration. Our priorities change and we go through tough times and as we grow older although we come out of it stronger even though can really take a toll on you. That's why you need friends in life. Last time it was all about popularity and I guess that's how most people in their twenties are too now. Jumping on the social media bandwagon, curating beautiful pictures, thus painting a life whom others can just wish to have.

My former classmates from school back then having their own families with some having three children or with a third child on the way. While some of us (a rare breed) are still single or are still looking for love or companionship, we don't let our mind be over consumed by the change in status. We have other priorities in life to keep us occupied but once in awhile, it does cross our mind to think about how our future is going to be like, if we remain single. I know having a family isn't an easy feat either like it's not all roses. 

I admire a friend of mine who really show concern towards us and it's mind blowing how I get to have a friend like her, like what did I to deserve this, haha. While I have a tough situation myself being the sole breadwinner and  having to cope on a single income, I'm lucky that all this while, we manage to survive. We don't have huge medical expenses to take care of and I know of families who face this situation every month and they are barely earning enough to feed themselves. My other friend herself faces this dilemma and while I don't want to air her personal stories here, I do hope that she also do things to make it better for herself and the family. 

I'm speaking for myself too. There are so many temptations online to buy this and that, make us spend our hard earned money, but really, it's about how much can you afford. Ultimately, you spend on things that you really love or care about and cut merciless on other things that you don't need. That's why sometimes I don't really blink spending on things like my hobby which is also like buying the supplies for my online shop. But you don't see me shopping for clothes like crazy. I know some girls do but then they practically don't spend much on other things so it pretty much balance out, you know. 

Okay that aside, we all deserve that much needed break from life's difficulties and challenges by spending time on our friends and family because that my friend, is priceless :)

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