Monday, September 28, 2015

The Shock, The Horror...

Yes, shock shock horror horror (thumbs up if you could get the song reference)..I, as usually, would wanna see that big guy in the gym that Sunday afternoon but planning on laying low, in case I appeared as Little Miss Stalker or aunty-like gym goer.  I walked past the weights area, took a glance and I couldn't see him and what I saw was like this guy in red singlet with two rather big tattoos on his biceps doing the deadlifting (is that what you call it, I dunno..something like that) who stood out with his tatts.

So, okay..maybe he's not around. No biggie (like real) and I went to check my hair and appearance in the gym toilet before making my way back out. Took a sip of water from the water cooler and then started to make my way to the elliptical trainer and OH MY FREAKING GOSH.....

That guy...with the red sleeveless singlet...and the two tatts....belongs to HIM!! My gym crush!!

How can I not spot him. He was looking my direction, I guess he wass thinking eh, the aunty is here, lololol...

But yah, reality check, he has tatts now :( and why I didn't think that his tatts were there all along were because I've not seen them before and believe me, I've seen those biceps worked multiple times, heh.

He had always been wearing mostly white tight fitting shirt, coz he's pretty big so pretty much all his shirts would be like that, but I would have noticed them even when covered up when he flexes them or through the sheerness of his shirt.

Then I started debating in my mind. Should I continue with my crush on him on the pretext of having him as my imaginary boyfriend, based on those tatts I've seen, or am I just being paranoid and being judgmental against people with tatts. My own good friend has a small tatt on her hip and she's still the same ol' nicest person I know.

Plus, it's not as if I am going out with him or something and have no intention either. So I thought heck, those tatts seem like a dealbreaker and possibly a sign that I should quit crushing on him.

But I dunno. Trust me, I do want to not be so engrossed with this guy anymore because he seems to be more and more vain to me. The new tatts on his biceps, that looked like tribal designs, kinda cemented that fact, like he's super proud of them.

Still, I'm like still concentrating on my own workout because that is the main reason why I'm here for and looking at the rest of the girls, obviously younger and prettier than me, all dressed up in sports gear and in full concentration, I wanna be like them too. Not being overly consumed about that guy. That change of thought jolted me as I re-focused although months of crushing on him, I can't just forget about it in a snap.

I still kinda briefly take stolen glances to see his whereabouts but lesser. Once, I was at the abs machine and as I was using it, suddenly he came and stood infront of me as he had this circuit thing going on where he would use the abs machine, lift dumbbells and proceed to the weights machine before going back to this abs machine.

Why do I know all this, lol.

At first, he was checking his phone as he stood waiting (I didn't really look at him but I'm kinda of an expert at looking but not's a girl thing) then he was looking at me to see if I'm done. I would have done more but yah, it's kinda scary being waited like that, lol..and I stood up, wiped the seat like I always do if got people about to use coz I don't want them to sit on my butt sweat.

So what's my conclusion of this tatts commotion? I dunno...maybe my admiration is less although it will be quite fun to have a friend like him coz it's like so! As if with or without tatts, it would make a difference coz I doubt he will ever talk to me, just like everyone else in the gym. The girls have taught me one thing but even before that I have concluded WHY I'm in the gym in the first place, when I could have spent my time doing my favourite activity, napping, that I'm here to stay healthy and possibly lose some weight, and not prowl over some guys at the gym.

Although the motivation to go has died a bit though, lol.

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